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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Lucy's life and Lawrence's Panda Garden

Lucy and Joe are both irreplaceable treasures. What a great story and tribute to them both. Congratulations to them for a well-deserved retirement; may they be blessed with continued happiness and good health.

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Editorial: Funding is key

Juvenile justice system reform is much needed, no disagreement. However, legislators might first want to consider funding schools to make sure they open this fall. Education should be the higher of the two priorities just now.

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No. 3 Jayhawks smoked in road loss at Oklahoma State

What's worse than s.u.c.k.? Non-existent perimeter defense, poor free-throw shooting(all mental), shots not falling. Lucas was terrible and something's wrong with Frank (I hope Coach figures out what it is.) I get that teams are going to lose some games and understand which things contribute to the losses. What I won't accept is an excuse of we 'just weren't into the game.' We had better not hear that from any player on a full-ride scholarship getting a free college education. How did OSU get 11 treys without Phil Forte and shoot 50% or better from the floor??

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Longtime Lawrence bar and grill The Yacht Club reopens under new ownership

I hope they continue the chicken salad sandwich from the former menu-- made with celery, sliced almonds, and pineapple--simply the best chicken salad on the planet!

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GOP lawmakers say only Brownback preventing repeal of business tax exemption

If the legislators had a backbone, they would vote to repeal some or all of the tax cuts and then override Clownback's veto.

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Only in Lawrence: Dr. Scott Hickman, giving sight to the blind

What a terrific story of kindness and compassion. I'm so proud of you, Scott.

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Sarah’s ‘village’: Support helps KU student with Asperger’s reach diploma

This is a wonderful story. Congratulations, Sarah and family! Thank you to all the dedicated helpers in Sarah's 'village'.

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KU Class of 2015: Debater learned to trust her voice, will graduate with triple major

Way to go. All the best success to you!

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

That's a good one, first time I've heard it. This whole story and article would be funny to me if it weren't so pathetic. Good riddance to bad garbage.

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Free State student named Presidential Scholar semifinalist

Congratulations. Well done!

April 22, 2015 at 9:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )