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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

There is no way she gets my vote.

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Immigration bill clears major hurdle; Roberts, Moran vote 'no'

Existing laws are not being enforced. What would make you think that will change anything in the border, and yet on top of that you'll be giving illegals a path to citizenship?

I would be much more open about it if the borders were closed and fully secured. That is not the goal of this bill. For some republicans, it means cheap labor. For most liberals, it means adding millions to their voting ranks.

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Why not bring back Greinke?

I'll be very curious to see what happens to Billy Bulter if they try to get Greinke. Their relationship didn't end in the best of terms...

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Who's your favorite professional wrestler from the '80s and '90s?

The weirdest one of all BY FAR!!!!

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KU officials say they're concerned about declining enrollment; fewer students on campus this fall

Hope and Change is giving them a hard reality. How will they paf off their student loans if they can't find a job after they graduate? Fix the economy (defeat The Annointed One) and you'll see the trend reverse.

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Census numbers reveal Lawrence population is more dominated by renters; plus, more houses are sitting empty

There's very few job opportunities in Lawrence. People go to KC or Topeka for those. Lawrence doesn't have a tax hike it hasn't loved. The homes in Lawrence are typically more expensive than in other cities around the KC metro. Plus we have a down economy and housing market thanks to Hope and Change ;)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

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Lawrence economy grew at exceptionally slow rate in 2010, according to recent analysis

Lawrence got what it asked for. The "hope" is gone, and the change definitely arrived!

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Adviser Jim Margolis discusses Obama re-election issues in Dole Institute of Politics lecture

Lawrenceguy40, I've got your back. Barry, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been a total trainwreck from the getgo.

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