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United they stand? Realignment questions remain unanswered on final day

Can the last school out of the Big 12 turn out the lights please?

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

can I get that coat he wore at games when it was cold outside? I need a rug for my living room....and dining room. That should cover it.

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A Lawrence radio station switched its format from rock to country music on Thursday. Which music do you prefer, country or rock?

Internet radio is another viable option. Thousands of selections out there. Mine is bounceradio.net. We've got rock. New stuff, old stuff, a variety. People from many different areas broadcasting. USA, Canada. Europe. Lots of fun.

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Several gallons of paint spilled at intersection of 27th and Iowa streets

isn't that what they make spam with?

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Spring’s fury unleashed as storms whip across state

I think what she is referring to is the watch is west of 75 Highway and then the story says "The watch is expected to move west toward Lawrence and surrounding areas later in the day."

How can it move west from 75 highway and end up in Lawrence?
Last I heard Lawrence is east of 75 highway.

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Legislature to consider speed-based tolls

"The Kansas Highway Patrol still would be able to issue citations for speeding drivers. The statute wouldn't get in the way of that, he said."Sorry...doesn't fly with me. If you want to charge me more to drive the turnpike at a speed of my choosing, your are not going to write me a ticket. You are, in effect, doing that with the higher costs for excessive speed. Oh and what happens when my speedometer says I'm doing 70 and is slightly off by two or three miles an hour. Isn't that why officers usually don't write a ticket for approximately 5 miles over? If a speed based toll system is in place, then the speed "limit" should be the speed "suggestion" instead. If the legislature is stupid enough to pass this, I give this system about 10 minutes before it's in front of a judge.

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3.5" of snow reported in downtown Lawrence; turnpike accident leaves one person in 'serious' condition

it is not different. One is for vehicular traffic one is for pedestrian traffic. If I am expected to make the pedestrian traffic lane safe, they should make sure the vehicular lane is safe. And btw, I agree with the ordinance.

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3.5" of snow reported in downtown Lawrence; turnpike accident leaves one person in 'serious' condition

so if the ordinance says that 24 hours after the snow/ice event you must have you sidewalk cleared or at least well sanded, shouldn't the city be responsible to have EVERY street cleaned off or well sanded within 24 hours? Fair is fair. And can every resident of an unclear street write the ticket to a city official if they don't have it done?

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Turnpike toll plazas will be automated

What's going to happen when, for example, someone has a defective K-Tag. Many times I have seen where an actual live person has to release the gate. The machine going to do that? What happens when someone is an idiot and tries to go through the K-Tag lane without a K-tag? Right now, a human being walks over and collects the toll. It happens frequently. I see a big traffic snarl because someone can't get through the K-tag lane. I think this is a bad idea. There should be at least one human around.

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What kind of music would you play if you had your own radio station?

bounceradio .net is my station. We do a little bit of everything. If your interested in a mix, commercial stuff and indie artists, we have about 25 different shows on the air currently. Come check us out.

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