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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

My car also got towed by a towing company here in Lawrence. The tow company would not accept a credit card or check, only cash. When I paid cash, they refused to give me a receipt. When I insisted on a receipt, I was given a generic receipt, not a proper one. I doubt they pay taxes or declare the actual income since it is cash only business. Not only are they ripping off customers, but also not paying their share.

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Immigration experts meeting at KU criticize Kobach’s laws

Lets start with illegals being sent home. Farmers in Western Kansas, Wyoming, California, Texas, Colorado & Alabama cannot find worker to pick their crops, vegetables & fruit. If that is case, be prepared for higher inflation & food prices. Each household will suffer even more. Recession will be even more tougher. Don't get caught up in the whirlwind.

Here is one instance from a farmer in Colorado. He is trying to do the right thing by hiring 25 local American workers. He paid them $11.25/hour, a fair living wage. 24 quit on the first day by lunch time. Only 1 stayed on the job & because he was the truck driver & not on onion picker.

The work ethic of American worker is not there anymore. Today's American workers are not the battle hardened Grand pas & mas of the Depression Era or the WWII Era. Essentially, American workers or kids have it way too easy so they have no reason to work. They are LAZY face it. Wake up & smell the coffee. It is easy to blame illegal for our own inefficiences. They are a easy scape goat. Its time for introspection.

Do we see a Latino/Mexican hanging around the soup kitchens on 10th & Vermont or pan handling on Mass St? NO. They work. They work 2-3 jobs. They work the menial jobs that no American workers want to do. They are not taking American jobs. Everyone needs to watch the movie, "A Day without Mexican." If American workers worked as hard as illegals, we would never have a Recession.

All of who who eat food, vegetables, fruit, sleep in hotels, drive on roads, eat at restaurants, eat meat is a damn hypocrite. WHO do you think cut your beef steak, chicken breast, pork chop? WHO cleaned your hotel room & plates? WHO built your house or the roads?

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City hears ideas for improving downtown Lawrence

There are12+ vacancies in Downtown. This is very high & unusual. Usually there used to be 2-3 vacancies that were easily filled up in the past. There are quite a few retailers going out of business. Downtown is now becoming an entertainment zone rather than a mixed (office, retail & entertainment) commercial use.

Downtown retailers are failing may be due to internet sales competition or not accommodating to customer service by being open late etc. However, one of the main reasons, business is failing in Downtown is due to high rent charged by landlords. Even though the housing market crashed, commercial rent in Downtown has not adjusted to that reality. Rent, taxes & insurance keeps in going up when sales are flat or less. One does not have to be a genius to know, one's eventual demise.

Downtown needs a comprehensive study of how many & types of retailers, officess, apartments, restaurants, bars etc can be accomodated, e.g, when a developer develops a strip mall, they know how many types of retailers/entertainment business that strip mall will support. If there is a Bar & Grill in that strip mall, they will not allow another Bar & Grill to open in that strip mall keeping all businesses healthy. Downtown property are mostly owned by individual owners (there are a few landlords/developers that do own quite a few). Each invidual landlord is only interested in pocketing their rent & not looking at the big picture of keeping the whole of Downtown healthy. This varied landlord interest is a big impediment to the long term viability of Downtown.

Some people say its free market concept which should rule. No one is against free-market principles. However, no more bars can open up in Downtown so the City has protected a class of business. The City, Downtown landlords, businesses, Chamber etc need to do a comprehensive study to find out how many & types of businesses can Downtown handle to make it viable place, eg, how many Bar & Grills can Downtown handle 5, 10, 15, 20?
This Comprehensive study should be a guideline. Lets think of Zona Rosa in KC. They know how many Bar & Grillss that shopping district can handle, or how many retail, or how many office etc. That is what we need.

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Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck apologizes for illegal immigrant, feral hogs remark

Latino & Hispanic population are the fastest growing segment of our American population. There will be more people of mixed races or brown people in the US by 2030. We can either deal with realities & stop alienating specific groups of people. Or in 20 years, they will remember how they badly they were treated. Then, who knows, how they will react. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

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Kansas Business Coalition opposing immigration legislation

If all migrants were to de deported, our economy would crash. Just like cheap imports from China is keeping costs of good bought at Wal Mart affordable. Similarly, affordable labor by migrants are keeping services like maids, nannies, yard work, construction, food & meat production are keeping prices down. Wake up & smell the coffee. Its a free market priniciple. Where there is demand, there is supply. We, Americans do not want to do menial & hard back breaking dirty work, so migrants will fill in. Its a basic economic principle. Very simple. If it takes $16+/hour in wages for us, Americans to be enticed to do those very menial jobs like some European countries, then the cost of production would go up. That means inflation will go up. A Big Mac Meal Deal will cost $12+. Even if your wages were higher, your cost of living would go up. In essence, the savings would be about the same. Nil. Imagine that.

Migrants & immigrants are not the problem here. It is us, lazy Americans who won't or can't do the menial jobs. Our prosperity has made us lethargic. It is easy to blame migrants during an economic crisis, but, NOBODY was yelling to throw them out during the boom of the late 90s. Oh hell, we needed them to wash our dishes, watch our kids, make our beds, mow our yard, build our roads & houses, cut our meat, pick our vegetables. But, now we need a SCAPEGOAT for our own inadequacies. They are an easy target to blame for all the problems rather than oursleves. Its time for introspection. We need to learn from the migrants--hard work (even 2-3 jobs at minimum wages), support their families & try to have a better life. What do we do? Complain, complain, complain....

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Kansas House votes to end program allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

You all can keep on barking, ranting, raving & getting mad. You will only lose your hair, sleep & have to attend stress management. There is a seismic shift in the population demographic of our country. There is a browning of America which some of you cannot fathom. There will be more people of mixed races/multucultural by 2030 than whites. Whites have a zero population growth. Hispanics have the highest population about 3.2 growth followed by Blacks. Hispanics are already 50% of the population in 5 States, Statistics don't lie. It is better to deal with reality. Its a cold hard fact. How we racially profile certain races will define who America is in next 2-3 generations. I don't think they will forget being persecuted, especially when they attain the majority... Let the cool heads prevail.

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Brownback cool to idea of removing in-state college tuition option for children of illegal immigrants

We have a nice looking mansion (US) next to a ghetto (Mexico & Central America). The people living in the mansions have everything while the people living next door live in squalid poverty. The people living in mansions try to prevent the poor people from getting into the mansion by building walls, barged wires, security cameras & having guards. The people living on the other side will try their very best to get in to support their family due to the empty bellies. Poverty will drive people to migrate due to survival instinct. We cannot deny human ingenuity & drive.

Civilizations have been building walls to keep various peoples out whether it is the Hadrian Wall, Great Wall or the Berlin Wall. In time, walls crumble down...

To prevent migration, we have to help Mexico & Central America develop, provide opportunities for its citizens & better governance. We also need to promote family planning in these least developed nations to control their population. By the way, the newly elected Republicans Congress backed by moral majority is cutting off funding for family planning budgets both internationally & nationally due to their narrow self-interests. We are only shooting ourselves in the foot.

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Brownback cool to idea of removing in-state college tuition option for children of illegal immigrants

This is a penny wise pound foolish idea. It is cheaper to educate a kid who has grown up here in KS regardless of their immigration status. There is little chance of them going back cause this is the only home they know. Even if we pack them away, they will be back eventually. In the end, it will cost even more to take care of an illiterate person with no skills. They will be a greater burden on society.

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Brownback cool to idea of removing in-state college tuition option for children of illegal immigrants

Its easy to be a politician but hard to be a statesman & a true leader. Brownback & Repubs need to concentrate on jobs, growth & economy. They are getting carried away by their right-wing social agenda. This will lead to their downfall. In a solid Republican state, we have had Democratic Governors in the past all due to Repubs infighting between the moderates & right-wing. I guess, Brownback may be understands that or the fact that he needs Hispanic vote to advance his Presidential ambitions.

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‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ coming to Lawrence's Free State Brewery; Owner Chuck Magerl responds to questions

C'mon people give it a rest. You all are making a mound out of an ant hill. Take a chill pill. Read the story. FSB did not actively seek to host the Maddow show. The show called them. They are merely hosting the show. Even if they are, what's the big deal. The Koch brothers fund far right wing activities. That does not mean you are going to turn off your gas & freeze. Same thing, by FSB hosting a show does not mean you would be boycotting their beer. They provide employment to many people in Lawrence. They have shown committment to the community by expanding their bottling plant. From what I understand, they cannot even meet their demand. Isn't that good news for Lawrence? More money & tax base. Give a home town industry kudos & TY.

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