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Statehouse Live: Senate committee approves bill blasted by unions

"If corporations can have unlimited freedom to do that, shouldn't unions have the same freedom?"

No, because that would lead to the breakdown of every other double standard in politics. We can't have that, now can we?

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Statehouse Live: Bicyclists successfully advocate for ‘3-foot’ law

so in a sense, this is not defining a safe distance, but lowering a safe distance that has already been established by regulations?

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Statehouse Live: Bicyclists successfully advocate for ‘3-foot’ law

Shouldn't this also mean that bicyclists could not pass or travel 3 feet from vehicles that are parked or stopped?

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

Hmm, there goes the "public teachers in Kansas make more than private ones" argument.

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U.S. Highway 56 reopens near Globe after cattle truck accident

I wonder if it was his cellphone he dropped and was reaching for.

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Which of these classic board games is your favorite?


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Shoveling repeal?

I agree with your use of the additional taxes. As for the increase, well, as a minority in the matter, I can't stop you.

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Shoveling repeal?

If you (smoke)(are a home owner with a sidewalk) and choose (to purchase cigarettes)(not to shovel the snow from your sidewalk) then you have to pay (taxes on your cigarettes)(a fine for noncompliance). These (taxes)(fines) are in favor of the majority of the population.

There's your parallel. And when I started smoking, the taxes on smoking were also less onerous. I guess our hindsight is about the same.

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Shoveling repeal?

I see a parallel with taxes on tobacco here. A small minority is required by the majority to pay a tax on tobacco. So if the non smoking majority can tell the smoking minority what taxes they must pay, not to mention where they're allowed to smoke, then I don't really see an issue with the majority telling the minority they have to shovel some snow.

And let me know also if you win your litigation. I could see such a win being used to repeal taxes for tobacco; even smoking bans for that matter.

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