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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

Until we have a serious conversation about mental illness in this country, with the intent to find some resolution, we will continue to have tragedies such as Columbine, The Naval Yard, Virginia Tech, etc. No amount of "Gun Control" legislation will prevent an unbalanced individual from procuring a weapon and using it if that is their intent. I can not imagine that any of the individuals that were responsible for these and all the many other incidents of gun violence, and just plain violence in this country, are stable, well-adjusted, mentally balanced individuals.

There is a stigma in this country about getting help for mental illness and all too often people have a group-think mentality that someone else is responsible for the shooters actions. I.E. violent video games, Mommy didn't love him enough or loved him too much, abuse in childhood, etc. But no one has a calm, reasoned conversation about the possibility that there is mental illness at fault.

I play violent video games. I enjoy them. That doesn't make me want to go out and purchase semi-automatic weapons and recreate the video game environment for real.

While the intended message in the tweet is admirable, the delivery leaves a bit to be desired. Put yourself in another's shoes and you'll be less quick to judge. Unless of course you're mentally unhinged. :D

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