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Congress sends Obama legislation to avoid 'fiscal cliff'

The highest GS grade, that covers almost all federal workers, is a GS-15 Step 10 which makes $155,500 for those in the DC area.

The level one employees that you speak of are at the executive level. In order to meet minimum qualifications for an executive position you need at a minimum 5 years experience at the GS-15 level. Individuals in the executive are career public servants that generally have a wealth of knowledge and actually run the agencies as they often stay in their roles as presidents change their appointees.

The idea that most GS workers are making more than they are worth is incorrect.

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Gov. Brownback delivers food to Lawrence homeless shelter, settling Final Four bet with Kentucky governor

If you want to thank someone thank the Kansas Beef Council. They donated the food.

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Plan for hotel near West Lawrence interchange in the works; new bar planned for Mass. Street

@ KRichards

I read all of the first half of Merills post and then got bored I think you are right.

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Plan for hotel near West Lawrence interchange in the works; new bar planned for Mass. Street

Joco/KC are almost as close as West Lawrence? NO

Eugene is 3 times larger than Lawrence and not right next to a metropolitan area that has most of this cultural stuff already. If a retailers can't survive because KC is so close then why on earth would you think a children's choir of Lawrence would do anything.

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Health care critic to give presentation at KU about why the U.S. system is failing


All statistical analysis can be skewed or taken out of context due to the author’s bias. It is wrong to doubt one's knowledge on the subject, because they choose one set of statistical analysis over another.

Although I may be mistaken I would assume Mr. Reid has done more independent study of the topic than you.

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Payless shoes expanding into Russia

I lived in Russian for more than 5 years and find it hilarious that Americans would comment on Russia’s fashion sense. After all we are the country that likes to wear “JUICY” pants, sweat pants, jeans 5 times too large for us and of course Crocks. None of these are exactly fashionable. I do not know one of my Russian friends that would be caught dead in a logo-wear T-shirt either.

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