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Brownback tax cut law produces winners and losers, KU tax law professor says

Bill Snyder's contract with KSU provides that nearly $800,000 in compensation is paid to his LLC, rather than to him as salary. Because of this tax law changed designed to help small businesses, Snyder's will save over $40,000 annually on his personal taxes.

How long until other university coaches and personnel structure their contracts this way to avoid paying kansas income taxes?

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Athletes’ tendencies to ‘cluster’ in certain academic fields problematic, some say

I understand that the form requesting information from faculty is simply for "show" and for gathering data on the faculty. Last I heard, athletes were required to provide KU athletics the password to access the otherwise confidential course grades on Blackboard (the online faculty gradebooks and class website). Thus, KU athletics knows the athletes' grades the instant they are posted to the online gradebook.

This password also provides access to the athletes' KU email so KU athletics can monitor that as well.

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KU plans to ask state for $30 million to build $75 million medical education building

Separate entities?!? Tell that to the KU students who have paid nearly $8 million over the past 4 years in required campus fees to KU Athletics. The members of KU's 2012 class each paid $290 directly to KU Athletics in mandatory fees (and $370 if they took 5 years to graduate). KU students even ponied up to finance the boathouse on the Kansas River after KU athletics lobbied for additional student fees.

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KU plans to ask state for $30 million to build $75 million medical education building

Every year, KU uses tax dollars and tuition to pay about $1.8 million to KU Athletics for some of Athletics' payroll and maintenance expenses.

In addition to paying athletic expenses, KU also diverted a lucrative revenue stream, the proceeds from the coke sold on campus, to KU Athletics when the Coke contract was renewed. The contract is now payable directly to the athletics department c/o the KUAI CFO.

A beautiful medical building would be an asset to the community but why should taxpayers chip in when KU continues to use taxpayer dollars and tuition to subsidize one of the largest athletic departments in the nation? Our peers (including KSU) have athletic departments that are not only self-supporting, but give back funds to their Universities for libraries and non-athletic scholarships.

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Free State High students to make up classroom time lost because of bomb threat

Does this mean that lunches get moved also so that first period lunch on Thursday will no longer start at 10:30 am?

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Middle school principals reject ‘Tom Sawyer’ as single ‘core’ text for eighth-grade English

So we are 2 months into the semester and they haven't decided what are the core books for 8th grade and won't until November? This strikes me as another example of rushing too fast into the reconfiguration and not giving time to work out the important details. Or perhaps things like curriculum and assessment methods (standards based grading) are too trivial to concern the board office as they blindly push forward their agenda without consulting stakeholders.

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Halt to standards-based grades sought for Lawrence middle schools

Leavenworth piloted this in the mid-1980's. So now we are benchmarking off another district "on improvement" using methods abandoned 25 years ago? Way to embrace best practices, Lawrence board office.

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Lawrence school district to consider buying iPad 2s

How many are going to the classrooms and how many are going to administrators?

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Departing school board members offer thoughts on their tenures

The JOCO schools want Lawrence and Leavenworth out of the Sunflower League. They used facilities as a reason to boot them, never imaging that Lawrence and Leavenworth school boards would invest tens of millions of dollars in new athletic facilities. Now both us and LV have new facilities but we will soon hear that we are still not wanted in the Sunflower League.

The League started long before most Olathe and BV schools even existed; SM schools needed us and LV to round out their schedules and also, there was that little thing about us having the state champion teams in numerous sports that made playing Lawrence fun.

The JOCO schools no longer want to travel down the highway on dark winter nights when they could play more in-town rivals. Further, FSHS is one of the smallest schools in 6A - if it gets much smaller, it will be a 5A (largest 32 schools in state are 6A).

The next reasons the Sunflower League will give will be: expenses of fuel and busses; concerns about student and fan safety when traveling on the highway; the distance which keeps students out later on school night/game days and limits attendance. There will be no multi-million dollar fix for these.

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First Bell: District endorses tax plan for tenant; board members honor chess champions; ‘Showtime’ to take LHS stage this week

The math is wrong and the district knows it. The school district will not receive an additional $85,000 from this deal. Period. There will be a small increase in capital outlay revenues (assuming the mills stay constant) but the trade-off is a reduction in rental revenue that goes to cover general fund expenses (such as utilities). This deal means less money for our kids. our teachers, and our schools.

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