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Jayhawk Federal Credit Union says it's open, but customers are reporting problems

Credit Unions are non-profit. Profits are returned to "Owners" or account holders as Dividends.

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Boutique bike-oriented fitness studio slated to open in West Lawrence

Maybe three in town was one too many?

September 23, 2013 at 12:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawhorn's Lawrence: 150 years later, Quantrill's Raid is still personal

Chad don't know where the story are found, just keep them coming. I enjoy reading them and learning from them also.

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Flash flood watch in Douglas County, surrounding areas until 1 p.m. today

Someone starting the weekend early?

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Letter: Enough Brownback


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Kansans to receive $4 million in insurance refunds under Affordable Care Act, White House reports

The math shows to be about $48.24 per person.

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Kansas residents to receive energy help

My email shows the same week for the last three weeks.

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Two Jefferson County men arrested on suspicion of illegal weapons offenses

Maybe they can fix the page not found link. If you click on this "New law seeks to speed up missing person response July 6, 2013 " you go to "page not found.".

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What is one of your favorite memories with your father?

Dad showed my sister and I how to backfire a car going across 39th in K.C. Blew both mufflers off a 56 Buick.

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