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Heard on the Hill: Magazine says KU sperm beats Harvard's; new Marching Jayhawks director makes halftime show changes; KUMC opens new business and technology center

Andy- If you are going to give yourself a pat on the back for a story you wrote yesterday, then why not offer a link so it can be read?

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Poll: Financially pinched, young adults lose faith

9.5 out of 10 of these young people have no plans to change their spending habits notwithstanding their gloomy outlooks.

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Firefighter recruits to graduate

They are already qualified for "said job". My point is the city should plan with an emphasis placed on only putting the number of firefighters they are willing to hire through training. Under the current system these other 10 will be called only when the city needs them to fill in for a full time firefighter who is not available for their scheduled shift to save from having to pay another full time firefighter overtime rates or during a major emergency. And when they do call them to cover a shift, I am willing to bet that they are required to drop everything (including the duties of the job they have to pay rent while they are waiting to become a full time firefighter) and show up at whatever station they are assigned to that day or suffer the consequences. I'm thrilled that these people are willing to make this sacrifice to become a member of LFD, Im just thinking their is at least room fro discussion on how we are treating the recruits.

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Firefighter recruits to graduate

What kind of system is that? You go through an intensive 12 week training course and then you dont have job until a vacancy opens. These folks probably had to quit their regular jobs to complete the training and now 10 of them will have to find other employment until an opening comes about. Also, I'll bet the city expects them to drop everything when they are called in to fill a shift vacancy.

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Man sentenced for parking dispute killing

13 years? Thats the debt he has to pay for murdering someone over a parking space? Outrageous. And, a judge is NEVER bound by a plea agreement made by the prosecution.

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A rush job

Didnt these same idiots endorse the McCain/Palin ticket? Just disgusting. Shame on the LJW. Shame.

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Governor, attorney general in Lawrence for recognition of new law on eluding police

Just the other day in Oakland, CA a criminal posing as a cop with dash lights etc pulled over an actual detective with the OPD.

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Corrections official: Budget cuts have made communities less safe, prisons less effective

Nothing more than scare tactics from the prison industrial complex.

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‘Right place for me’

Dear Begin60,


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