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Colo. newspaper hiring marijuana critic

"Oh wow, man. I, like, got really stoned and, like, missed my deadline again."

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Bush expected to veto children's health care program today

I like how $83K is suddenly considered "rich":
It isn't poor, that's for sure. A person who makes $83k should not be looking for handouts.

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Lawrence should adopt curbside recycling service

Isn't this the same lady who visited NYC for a few weeks and then declared herself a New Yorker and even referred to our region as The Stupid Midwest? Now she's bashing Lawrence again? You gotta love the goofballs who move here and then proceed to tell us how bad our area is. Lady, either stop whining or pack-up your Kinkade throw rug and go back to the Baltimore/DC area.

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KDHE investigating illness at sorority

Nothing breaks my heart like the sight of a cute sorority girl blowing mud in her shorts.

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Stay and play

I hate to say it but I'm finished with the Red Lyon. It used to be one of my favorite spots, but I get a bad feeling about them encouraging people to rally against the KU football team. What's even worse is the fact that this is probably a marketing gimmick to get people to drink at the Red Lyon on game day.

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Thousands protest treatment of black teens in La. town

And for the white kids, who no doubt committed a hate crime?
Did they beat somebody unconscious? They were suspended for hanging a noose from a tree. Not sure what law that breaks, but I suspect they would have a "freedom of expression" case with the ACLU if they wanted it, no matter how hateful their message was. Even the idiot Fred Phelps knows that. Besides, the white kid that was pummeled by the Jena 6 (yes, 6 vs 1) was not one of the kids who hung the noose. This is a basic matter of stupid racist kids (on both sides) who should have known better than to engage in such activity.

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What is your favorite meal to eat in Lawrence?

Oriental Chicken Salad from Applebee's is the best!!

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Cost estimates for trail lower than first thought

I agree with lunacdeterctor and mumbojumbo, we don't need anoter bike trails. Use money to fix pot hoels and streets instead. Noboby rides bikes these days anyways. Why ride a bike when you can drive? Dont spend money on bikes. Our city doesnt have money but it will get better when the new wallmart opens because it will create jobs but don't spend money on bike trails.

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Cocaine dealer gets 10-year sentence

Why are all y'all hating on Darren? You think he CHOSE a life of drug dealing? If you do then that's whack. Society made him what he is, he didn't have nothin to do with it. It's easy to criticize when you come from a two parent home in the suburbs, but not everyone has that luxury. Darren is a loving father to all seven of his kids and will be back bigger and better than ever after he pays his debt to da man.

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Sprint Center still looking

There's no need for the NBA in KC; college basketball would overshadow any professional team. Hockey would be great though. There are plenty of youth hockey leagues in the area and NHL exhibition games at Kemper routinely sell out.

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