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Barbecue joint ready to move into old Bucky's location

beagledog-Manda2831 doesn't work for or having anything to do with Lone Steer. I actually went with her in the meal she referenced. The ribs were quite good (it was early on Saturday, so that may or may not have day something to do with it).The fact that we went when almost no one was there, made the DIY nature of service easier to understand.I have had Biemer's sandwiches several times, and I was quite impressed.The next time I have BBQ I will be going to Biemer's if it is open. If not, I will be trying Lone Steer again. If it is destine not to make it, I will enjoy it while it is around.

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Outdoor concert for downtown OK'd

Wilco actually played KC Crossroads last October. It was a very good turnout, but I doubt it was a sellout. 2500 people maybe, 3000 would be maximum at that concert.

Wilco is a great band. Depending on the cost, I will go. If it is too high, might try to get down to Zs or Pig early and get a seat outside.

Nice to see an event like this approved.

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