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Not a handout

again your comments are totally dishonest.

The wealthy and the working class both contribute, to call the working class moochers shows that you have no touch with reality whatsoever.

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Silent auction?

really out of touch with reality response, as usual.

I live in Peru and I am a US citizen who votes, pays taxes and fully participates in my duties as a US citizen. If I make some of my money in Peru and some of my money in the USA, according to your definition, it is foreign money.

Your post is an epic fail...and your fighting tooth and nail to pretend not to see it is so sad. Good luck with that.

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Sound Off: Whom do I call to complain about builders who don’t mow their vacant lots?

your answers have to be some of the most ignorant I have seen on the boards. It is clearly my business if my property values go down, if bug and rodent infestations go up, if my neighborhood become blighted, if an unkempt vacant lot becomes a gathering place for trash, drug addicts or a fire hazard.

The fact that non of that entered your mind as a neighbors business is simply astounding.

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Not a handout

of course your comment is completely and totally dishonest.

you are brainwashed and believe what you are told to believe.

How can asking the wealthy to pay the same tax rate as the middle class and poor be considered taking from them? Only in a fools dream are the wealthy exempt from participating equally in society.

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Phobia folly

This piece reminds me of an old neighbor when I was growing up who used to tell me that she know some lovely "darkies" and as long as they kept to themselves and did not intermingle too much, they were not so bad.

Swore up and down that she wasn't racist.

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If Obamacare is Constitutional then....

one trick pony.

Gay marriage....the sky is falling

Access to health care...the sky is falling

A black president...the sky is falling.

I can not imagine what it is like to live in your world of fear and hate and panic, but I am lucky, I have been able to avoid that and remain in reality.

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Rewrite: Obama is my guy

if you read hate in the post, it is only because there is hate in your heart. The post was about love and hope and advancing.

You see things through your eyes only and I understand that you live in an ugly hate filled world.

I pity you so deeply.

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Silent auction?

ohh, cato...how embarrassing for you. To humiliate yourself so deeply in public must take a toll at some point.

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Obamacare Doomed! Here's the Loophole that Anyone Can Exploit!

attacking the critic for making an hysterical article without substance.

If you made a serious supportable point, I would attack it, but you failed to do so, I am simply pointing out your extreme failure

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