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Kobach task force completes plan for election regulation, use of voter IDs

Begin the calls for no such thing as voter fraud!

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Brownback vows to keep Boeing in Wichita

I suppose you believe that you know everything and all is explained by Scientology? Here is something I'm sure you have said has never happen "" even though I'm sure you are among the few enlightened. Please continue to teach us wise one.

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The state is looking to purchase land to complete the South Lawrence Trafficway. Environmental group

Things are a little different now, wouldn't you say? No housing boom on the horizon, that already happened. Why again does this destroy the environment any more than other roads through the swamp land?

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New labor coalition forms to fight Brownback initiatives

Enter the thugs set to continue to rob the tax payers and loot the treasuries. KPERS has been underfunded for years yes even under sebelius. Should we continue to ignore the problem? Oh wait maybe the feds can just bail us out. Why do Unions get a pass when they are a big part of the budget problems?

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Rep. Davis says Secretary of State Kobach should focus on his job, not 'personal crusade' against illegal immigration

We elected him (Kobach) under this platform, Paul who are you working for? What is wrong with requiring an ID to vote? You have to have an ID to buy cough medicine.

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Increasing Amtrak use in Lawrence cited as good reason for city to buy depot

What lack of regulation cause the post office failure? Airlines, housing and , financial institutions are also heavily regulated. Anti trust was (is) ignored with financial institutions and the housing market is a direct result of government interference in a market, college is the next thing they are going to destroy. (if the have't already) The free market regulates its self ie no such thing as bail outs in a free market.

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U.S. prosecutors are getting tough with felons who pick up guns again

So we weren't tough on felons before? Wow that was a miscalculation.

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Immigration experts meeting at KU criticize Kobach’s laws

Not a pretty situation but something has to be done. Shame on the federal government for letting it get this bad.

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