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Guns in our midst: 'It makes the world a more dangerous place'

oracal of rhode,

You quote the bible a lot, and I think that is great. However, as I read what you wrote, I have to ask myself if Jesus would talk to his children that way. What about laying your life down for another? What about all the wars that God himself ordered in the Bible?What about Peter taking the ear of a Roman soldier with a sword? Peter was not going for the soldier's ear. He was going for his head. Roman soldiers were equivalent to special forces of today. Had that not been a Roman soldier, Peter would have taken his head protect Jesus. If that were me today and Jesus was standing next to me, I would have shot the guy. Sure I would have ended up dead, but how great would that be to stand before God and Him knowing I gave my life for his son. OK I am going way deep, but I hope you get the point.

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Guns in our midst: 'It makes the world a more dangerous place'

I'll tell you how to solve this whole thing. Lets devide the country in two. Leave the current legal system as is. Those that legally carry concealed go to one side, and all those that don't belive in it or are against it or that don't want it on the other. This will allow us to live in the ideal worlds that we think are the better or safer. Then lets see which has the higher crime rate. We will even break it down to most shootings - accidental or intended.

To make things even more interesting, lets include spliting the US/Mexico border in that.

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Guns in our midst: 'It makes the world a more dangerous place'


Really... you think the thugs in downtown KC have dedicated thier lives to learning how to shoot, or knife someone, or learned a martial arts discipline???? Please tell you you are being sarcastic. After reading what you wrote, please tell me where you grew up and what schools you went to. I can then ensure that my children do not attend the same illusion filled educational process that you attended. I would hate for my children to interpret live the way that you have.

Guns are not the exclusive weapon of criminals. I am not sure where you got that. In fact, I remember recently viewing, on the national news, an old man getting beat up by a couple of idiots. No gun used, and still no one stepped in to help out. Can you explain that one....wait, nevermind. If I was in the mood for comedy, I would go to a club.

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Guns in our midst: 'It gives you the ability to look someone in the eye and say no'


What an appropriate screen name. Yes there are many assumptions in this scenario; however, not having a gun was clearly not one of them. If you would have read what I wrote and not not read what you wanted to hear, you would have clearly seen that. Nonetheless, with only 3000 characters allowed in responses, there was not room for all the what ifs. Furthermore, I did acknowlege that I may be killed while defending my family, and I would never assume what the assailant is thinking, nor would I care. I do, however know what I am thinking, and I am thinking I sure is heck am not going to stand by while someone attempts to take my family from me. You do what you want, or feel you need to though.

I do agree with you on two points. I hope that it never happens to you or I, and I hope that I am not near you in the unlikely event that it happens to you.

By the way, you can call me what you will (nut), but that will not get you hurt by me. Thanks for responding to my writing, but that was pretty weak.

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Guns in our midst: 'It gives you the ability to look someone in the eye and say no'


One would assume that you never let your children near water either. Pools kill more children than guns do. I respect your opinion. You use your alarms and take all your precautions. I use them as well; however, I am a veteran. I work the streets. I have worked in Denver and Kansas City at night and day. I know what goes on and how the criminal works. I know what it will take to stop it from happening to me or my family, and that is what I will do. I owe it to them.

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Guns in our midst: 'It makes the world a more dangerous place'

Mrs. Roy, I do not mean to be rude; however, your eyes are closed. Lets look at reality. Ever since Cain and Able there has been violence. If we lived in a chimera world (peaceful), we would not need weapons of any sort. But it an't happening.

I am not a criminal. I would not even think of stealing something....nothing! And you will never see me robbing a liquor store, a car, or a bank. It is not me that you have to worry about carrying a legal concealed gun. In fact, I am the one you want in the convenience store with you when the jerk carrying the illegal gun shooting the clerk turns toward you.

Those sonic booms and weapons of war that made you so uncomfortable are also the very booms and weaponry that gave you the very freedom you used to speak in this artical. Not every country has that, and if it wern't for weapons, we could possibly be one of those countrys.

I do not agree with the way that this country was taken from the natives, but that was a long time ago. I had nothing to do with that. I do not even agree with some of the things we have done as a country. Noenetheless, I as well as all the others that believe in a powerful military do have the ability to keep that from happening again. Be thankful for those booms and weapondry. Furthermore, be thankful for those that believe in them and use them (our soldiers).

I totally understand and respect your feeling that useing violence to fight violence is not right. I wish it were that simple. If that were true, we would not be waiting for WW III, nor would we be in Iraq, and the World Trade Center would still be standing. It is ironic, however, that the very people that one would call when a violent act is being commited understand that violent force may be necessary to cease the act.

Mrs. Roy, I am sorry you lived such a rough life. No one should have to live with that. I do wished that you could have been protected from that. Maybe (and I only say maybe) the violence would not have happend to you had you stuck a gun between the eyes of one of those jerks that did those terrible acts against you. I am not saying that would make things right, but if the criminal is not sure if his next target has a gun or not, he is less likely to commit the crime. You, having a degree in psychology, should understand that.

Owning a gun is not about power. It is more about responsibility. Responsibilty that I owe my family, the elderly, the weak, and the challenged. I wish I could have been there when the 80 something year old man was getting beat up. I would not have turned my back. Those punks would never have been able to do something like that again. I am not saying I would have killed them, but they would not do it again.

By the way, I found it ironic that both opinions used the flat tire analogy. I to hope that I never have to use force of any kind against another human.

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Guns in our midst: 'It gives you the ability to look someone in the eye and say no'

Hey life long,

I am not worried about your safety. It is my safety and my familie's safety that I want to protect. If you don't care about a criminal carring a gun, that is your problem. Me, I have worked hard to get what I have, and I do not need some jerk carrying a gun illegally taking my family or my property from me.

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Guns in our midst: 'It gives you the ability to look someone in the eye and say no'

Thank you Mr. Dyer. Thanks for standing up and saying what needs to be said.

KOCRIME - You make a good point when you refer to the criminal as being what you said they are. You have a valid point about a man that needs a gun being such as well; however, I do not need a gun to make me feel or think that way. Nonetheless, a wise man knows not to bring fists to a gun fight.

Atreidis - Lets just disregard all our rights and let the criminals decide what we can do and can't. Let them decide what they can take from us or won't take.

Put yourself in a scenario. You pull up to fill you car with gas. Your wife and children are in the car. Another man walks up to you, pulls a gun out and says, "I am taking your car." What would you do? I hope I have a concealed gun. You can have the car, but I will not let you take my family. I will say, "no," and mean it. When he is looking down the barrell of my loaded 45, and my determined eye down the center of the sites, he will have no doubts as to my intention. If I do not have one, I will still fight, but I will probably be dead.

One may use the argument to call 911. Sure, go ahead, call them. Then wait to see if they can stop this person. I do not mean any disrepect for the fine men and women in blue; however, even if law enforcement does see them and give chase, now my family is envolved in a very dangerous high speed chase. Moreover, how will you react if law enforcemnt deems it unsafe to continue pursuit?

Don't get me wrong. I respect your opinion on guns, but I assure you it is not me you have to worry about carrying a gun. In fact, if you were in the above scenario, I would be the one you would want at the pump next to you. Oh, I know, what happens if you accidently shoot one of my family? I can not speak for others, but I believe I am more wise than that.

One may or may not view this next thought as relevant or not, but alow me to give something else to think about. We can take an 18 year old, send him/her to basic training (the majority of which does not envolve weapons training), give them a very deadly weapon, and then give them the responsibility to kill someone. We then trun around and tell them they are not responsible enough to drink a beer. Sorry, but it makes no sense.

Feel welcome to view my opinion to Mrs. Roy, which I hope to post by the end of the day.

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Fire chief defends response time

Police are in thier cars all night. Police cars are much more manuverable than fire trucks. Furthermore, fire fighters have much gear to put on before they begin thier job. I would be willing to bet the police did not have fire proof suits on. They (the police) however did an excellent job - above and beyond!

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Fire chief defends response time

lets roll consumer1. Just how would you suggest to improve response times without improving equipment or more money? And I assure I have no ego problems. In fact, I do not have an ego, but thanks for playing the unemployed therapist.

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