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Uncertain futures: Recruiting challenges mounting for interim coaches

They should pick up that Grahm Saunders kid who played at Free State last year. He's playing juco ball down at Coffeyville and secured himself a starting spot almost half way through the season. They need to pick up a kid like that who wants to contribute to his home town team, before he ends up playing somewhere bigger

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Lawrence author Laura Moriarty will give a talk and sign copies of her second novel, "The Rest of He

This photo was not taken by Kent Matthews, it is by Tracy Rasmussen of Insight Photography.

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Senior sass

"That's generally not the case with people who make a living taking pictures."
YEP it's a different story when the time you spend on the job has to pay for your overhead, room, board, heat, computer, ads, and to make you still be available for the next client.

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Simons: Strengthening downtown more vital than 'protecting' it

Well said, tuschkahouma.

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Simons: Strengthening downtown more vital than 'protecting' it

Yes Tuschkahouma, I remember with a tear in my eye. A "townie" is a genius like us who has a strong mind who can withstand Wallystore's hypnosis and keep our town a town, regardless of "influence". It's getting harder and harder. Dolph has no idea how sad that could become, sitting proud in his cocoon now.

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Simons: Strengthening downtown more vital than 'protecting' it

If you and yours don't shop downtown, you're not a "townie".

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Simons: Strengthening downtown more vital than 'protecting' it

Sigmund--"It is hard to think of a single business in Downtown Lawrence that will be harmed by the new Walmart (except in general they will pay higher wages and offer more benefits to workers, raising the wages for good employees). Music venues, coffee shops, antique dealers, bars, restaurants, barber shops, speciality toys, candles and bicycles; which of these will Walmart compete with? None of them."

It is only "hard to think" of these things if you don't try. Walmart hurts every single store downtown except the bars & restaurants, and maybe even those.
Walmart sells music, toys, candles, bicycles, photography, kitchen goods, clothing, sewing goods, furniture, everything. The name of their game is underselling no matter what. Do you want a Walmart world? That's where we're heading. The feeling of being nowhere in particular. That's what experts blame for kids growing up feeling disconnected and starting to shoot people. There's no value in that world for anything an individual creates or cares about. Sameness. No personal connections. Anonymity. Do we want to create that?
To strengthen downtown, you have to give non-megalith stores a strong chance for a decent foothold. You can't have huge rents designed primarily for landlord profitmaking, with no hope that the tenant will get enough business to pay that rent! With the odds against them, HOW could they possibly pay employees higher wages and benefits than WalMart when everyone's shopping at WalMart?????????? Think about that when you're tempted to hop over to Wally World for something, people!!! Cheap at what cost???

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SLT support gaps

Yes, Conservative:
..."But I am completely sick of the "appeal to your emotions" lies that are perpetuated by opponents of the project."

Are you sick of the same coming from proponents of the project, like the editor of our local paper who proclaims:
"It is almost criminal what the various delays and delay tactics have cost taxpayers." ???????? And of course that's just one example of the hatred he tries to stir up for those with dissenting opinions from his. I see more sensationalism, belittling and name calling from this so-called "conservative" side.

I think they should just scrap the whole thing and send all the kids and their tantrums to their rooms and leave the wetlands alone to do their thing.

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Concerned about the 'Code'

She was not a prostitute, ever! Certain manipulative men made that up to discredit her because they were jealous of her close relationship to Jesus and they wanted to make it seem like only men were "OK'd" to have positions of spiritual leadership. That perpetuated a huge mental sickness in society that has lasted thousands of years and is still defended by some misguided people.

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Proposal would abandon trafficway

Yes. It's quite clearly the mean people who support the 32nd Street route for this road.

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