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Should the Legislature approve funding for all-day kindergarten statewide?

I have 4 kindergarteners here in the morning. I take two of them to school for morning classes, then drop off the other two and pick up the two I dropped off in the morning and another one. The two that stay here with me until afternoon kindergarten have daily lessons ( weekly themes with daily topics ) then they head to school for their day. The two I drop off in the morning and then pick up ( plus another ) eat lunch here, take a nap, then are picked up when their parents get off of work.

There isn't an after school type program ( Boys & Girls Club ) for morning kindergarten yet. The program starts after school ends at 3:45, therefore the morning kindergarten group doesn't have care after school. If they were to change that then parents wouldn't have to worry so much about locating daycare near their child's school.

I of course as a daycare provider would make less income so having 1/2 day kindergarten benefits me.
I also have these children for the whole summer because their parents want their lessons to continue throughout the summer.

I went to kindergarten 1/2 day ( back in the caveman days ) and I did fine. I do have to agree with some who have mentioned attention spans also. Some children would do well while others wouldn't. I have a little boy here who has ADHD and takes his meds at 11 am each day at school. By the time I pick him up, and he has lunch here with the other children hes ready for a nap. All my kindergarteners take naps and they sleep. They are up pretty early in the morning and still need that down time.

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Blood substitute available in area

Of course Hong Kong...........I'm just hoping for a huge sentence and alot of time served. If the judge is to nice I will as a mom cause a problem. I have the right to do so to make sure this guy doesn't have the chance to what he did to anyone else.

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Blood substitute available in area


And I will be his worst nightmare now and for the rest of his life.

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Blood substitute available in area


I have to agree with you on this one. I surely wouldn't want my boys' to go without emerg care if they could. If this blood is tested and found to be okay then I wouldn't mind it being given to my boys' if needed for an emerg only. Then they can draw mine since we all have the same blood type.

You know what.........thank God that drunk guy didn't kill my son. Not only would he have to deal with the court system he would have to deal with me. Got a letter the other day......the city is pressing criminal charges against this guy. The letter says I don't have to be there for his first day in court......hmmmmmmm, okay sure. I will be there and then again for his sentencing. I want this guy to go away for awhile and grow up. If the judge decides to be to nice, then you will be reading about in the paper.

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Blood substitute available in area

My boys can have my blood.....all three of us have the same type.

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What should people look for when choosing a church?

Fred has major problems and he will be judged when his day or night come when he goes before God.

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Do you buy more of your music from a store or off the Internet?

I still have all my Led Zepp albums, tapes and now I have all their CDs. The albums I will never part with though. I believe I have Led Zepp 4 on a bootleg also.

I buy what I want from either music stores , dept stores or over at CD Tradepost. I don't own a MP3 or anything fancy like that anyway, and like I can put in a cd when I want.

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Only three drunken drivers arrested over New Year's

If you read my post about this 22 year old guy hes got alot against him right now. I hope they give him the max for what he has done. Hes in alot of trouble and this isn't the first time hes done damage. This time it was my son's car and next time it could be worse.

This guy as far as I have heard...........has no job. Hes a dru addict and a crimminal. He gets appointed an attorney I guess, but I have one too. We shall see what happens now.

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Only three drunken drivers arrested over New Year's

Imagine the person killing another driver or a family. I really don't give a crap whether or not hes just barely over the limit. Hes knows he shouldn't be driving.

Imagine him with not one relative...........thats kind of hard to imagine. If this driver is drunk and theres not one person to take care of his/her children then thats something this person should have thought about before hopping in their car.

I simply have no remorse for people who choose to drink and drive.

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Only three drunken drivers arrested over New Year's

The drunk driving laws here in Kansas need to be changed. I feel that when a person has to much to drink, gets in their car or anyone elses car for that matter and drives then they are selfish. They are a danger to others and take a chance of taking a persons life.

This guy that hit my son to me is a BIG LOSER. This is hid first OUI and I believe he should serve 1 year in jail. I believe anyone with a first drunk driving charge should serve one year. They should have their drivers license taken away, be on probation and do some type of community work.

This guy has 6 counts against him and if I have my way about it I will add one more. He goes to court on the 10th of Feb and we got a letter the other day from the city prosecutor..........the city has filed crimminal charges against him. He took his step dads car, was wreckless driving, hit my son's car, left the seen, was driving on a suspended license and is on probation. Hes 22 and I hope they send him to jail until hes 25. Maybe sitting in there for a few years will help him grow up.

The laws here truely suck and need to be addressed. Driving drunk is wrong and the person should have to pay for along time for doing so.

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