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Public forum to provide details on rec center

I think a velodrome would get a lot of attention in Lawrence. There are tons of cyclist in Lawrence (just drive by any group ride staging point), and even more in the KC area that would come to use it, or to race on it during the weekends.

I think the closest one to this area is in St Louis.

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The Kaw Valley Older Women's League is circulating a petition to add physician assisted death as an option in Kansas. Do you support physician assisted death?

That is exactly how medicine works! There is no testing, no FDA approval, no manufacturing of the drug, no months of research showing that there is about to be a new cure for cancer. Its just a phone call and total shock that the cure was JUST discovered.

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Suspect in weekend shooting outside Lawrence bar expected in court on Monday

Why is he not charged with attempted murder?

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Pedestrian-car accident at 26th and Iowa sends Lawrence man to Topeka hospital

or slow down and wait until its safe to pass, and nobody dies.

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Lawrence recognizes the glory of service, the sacrifice of veterans

It was two volley salutes, which are fired from rifles. Twenty one gun salutes are fired with cannons and are reserved for Presidents, and visiting heads of state.

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Lawrence firefighter reaches diversion agreement in national anthem case

My dad DID beat up your dad.

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Baldwin City man charged in altercation with bicyclists south of Lawrence

Cyclist can ride two abreast. Chances are you don't have to slow down to five to 10 mph since a majority of group rides in Douglas County are 18+ mph.

When you see cyclist four abreast it is beacuse the lead two riders who were pulling into the wind are falling back to the rear of the pack to allow two more riders to bear the brunt of the wind. This allows the overall group to travel much faster and becomes less of an obstruction to traffic.

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

Why should what he does off duty have anything to do with what he does for a job.

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