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Man reports stolen mountain bike in 1000 block of Massachusetts Street

Check the bike rack at the Salvation Army! My bike was stolen so I decided to scope out the Salvation Army to see if someone that stayed there had stolen it. Bingo. Got my $600 dollar bike back.

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23rd Street reopens after injury accident at Massachusetts Street intersection

Looks to be more serious than the article describes. Hope everyone involved is alright.

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Should student-athletes get a cut of NCAA revenues?

I'm pretty sure athletes are allowed to be employed. It's the fact that they don't have the time to be employed due to the practice schedules, travel time, tutoring, class (if they go...), and so on. Also, another area that may turn some heads is the fact that athletes will get jobs and then be paid ridiculous amounts of money. Remember Rhett Bomar from Oklahoma years ago working at the car dealership?

I did work with a girl on the KU rowing team, so an athlete can in fact work and be in compliance with the NCAA.

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KU fans: Meet your new basketball anthem

"I have to admit that the song has a catchy beat and also a professional sound to it."

Why wouldn't it have a professional sound to it, Mr. Newell? As I stated before, he's a nationally recognized artist who makes music as his PROFESSION. You think he would record something in his basement that sounded awful and then release it to be consumed by thousands while he tours the world?

Yes, it's rap music, but that doesn't mean it's not professional. Come on...

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KU fans: Meet your new basketball anthem

I'm not sure why Krizz Kaliko did this. I know he had his first "solo" concert in Lawrence back in January and the crowd was less than impressive, especially for such a talented artist. So, is this an attempt to create more of a buzz about himself as he continues to create a name for himself in the world of indepedent hip hop? Look at the success of Tech N9ne -- he starts each one of his tours with a show in Lawrence every August. Are they (Strange Music) attempting to replicate that establishment in Lawrence in hopes it will lead to bigger and better things? I think so. I never critique the decisions of Strange Music or the artists on the label as they are insanely successful (the number one indepedent record label in the world, I believe) but this seems to be a bit of a long shot just to gain a following.
Aside from that, go to their concert tonight!

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Police aren't the only ones in Lincoln battling underage drinking, out-of-control parties

As a college student that has grown up in Lawrence, I can say for a fact that the LPD and KUPD do not do enough to effectively curb the drinking problem in this town. Checkpoints and saturation patrols are always set up when students are out of town. Why? Do they not want to do the amount of work that would result from doing it during a weekend when the bars would be full?

Yes, the police come inside the bars downtown to do quick checks, but so many kids are getting away with fake IDs it's not even funny. Parties rage on even though there were two unfortunate deaths last year. Cops show up at these parties and tell everyone to leave. No punishment. Landlords don't care, becaue they'll get to keep the deposit at the end of the year if the tenants trash the place. They aren't losing out on anything.

Go ahead and bash the LJWorld for publishing these stories (granted the two were basically identical...just combine them into one) but the community needs to see that if Lincoln can do it, so can we. The drinking problem among college kids in Lawrence is out of control.

If you want an example of the college life that goes on, I highly suggest listening to Ira Glass's radio piece about Penn State being the #1 Party School in the country. Every bit of that story reminds me of KU.

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Four Jayhawks named All-Big 12; Cole Aldrich chosen as Defensive Player of the Year

BruceWayne -- Martin admitted to the mistake. Mangino, Leach and Leavitt all denied anything happened. There was no need for Martin to be investigated and have the information come out that he had lied. Martin may be intense and ask a lot of his players, but they respond. He's a good coach -- end of story.

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Investigation of Mangino launched after player complains coach poked him


I don't understand why no other schools have come at Mangino. I do think once Joe Pa dies and there is a vacancy at Penn State, Mangino will be the first one they call. He is from Pennsylvania and has shown potential in recruiting as well as coaching.

@everyone else

I don't know what has happened this year with the on and off field issues, but as far as any of us know, it could be a freak accident. The fact that they have lost 5 games is a bit odd, but at the same time, it happens. Teams lose games, teams aren't as good as what they thought they would be, so get over it.

I don't know why anybody would be calling for Mangino's head after they have put this program on the map. No longer is Kansas flirting with Iowa State and Baylor for last place in the conference. They may have a poor record this year, but they are still a team that causes the other teams to prepare for, unlike the past Jayhawks that could have been beat by Lawrence High...

We will see the outcome of all of this, but I do think it would absolutely insane if Mangino lost his job for this type of thing (losing record, player behavior). Bottom line, this guy has put you on the map.

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KU football's final three games will be on ABC

It's funny how many of you people jump off the bandwagon as soon as the 'Hawks start losing. Show some support.

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