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Lawrence man, 25, faces firearm charge after incident outside local bar

I'm 99% sure he went to Lawrence High. I graduated in 2005 and he's my age, so again, I doubt he's "back in South America" or a foreigner. Get a clue, folks.

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Heard on the Hill: 'Opera Is My Hobby' to air for the last time on KPR Dec. 30; Brazilian 'Apprentice' winner made a few friends at KU; provost teaches us the second verse of the alma mater

I'm OK with classical music. However, there is no need for it to be played ALL DAY. Yes, I am aware the news is on until 9am, and then there are brief news breaks throughout the day until 3pm. But come on, spice it up a little.

KUNC (Northern CO) is a great example. They play several types of music that are all enjoyable to listen to. I feel like the demographic here for folk, bluegrass and other genres are more than prevalent based off the success of Trail Mix alone.

Bottom line is this: KPR needs to take a chance and change up the rotations and musical selections they are playing. Who knows, it could increase their donations from listeners...

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What did you think of the Dear Lawrence project exhibition?

"But really you guys, for all the buildup this project has received here, only one night run for three hours? Come on. It was packed. Give everyone a chance to see them. Why not put them up somewhere for a while?"

Ditto. As much as LJWorld hyped this event, I feel like there should be a display somewhere that will last for more than an evening.

I'm sure these comments won't change anything, but it would be nice if they actually did something. Though, overall it was a great event. Nice work, LJWorld.

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Landlords trying to fill growing number of rental vacancies

I was actually talking to a woman on Friday while I was at work and she was complaining that she had three of her units empty and they had been occupied for years. I told her I was looking for a place to move and offered her a price that was 50% of what she was asking for and she said she'd take it. These landlords are desperate, especially with more and more developments being built, and this will hopefully make them see that their rates are outrageous.

Probably not, but it's worth a shot.

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2011 Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

Are all of these photos from the iPhone that all LJWorld employees seem to be armed with? Will there not be any high quality photos of this spectacle?

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Polls close in Douglas County, results expected soon

I was surprised when I went to vote. Just after 8am and I was number 7... Crazy.

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MagnaGro owner ordered to spend nine months in prison for violating probation

After talking with him before he got locked up, he has blantly said that he's taking his business elsewhere and will operate the same way, among many other things... Seems like a classy fella!

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

Remember where Mr. Morningstar came from though...

I guess he at least learned his lesson, where as this Morris twins haven't. Grow up.

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Dead wild cat found in 2200 block of Bob Billings Parkway

For what it's worth, early last week I received an email from a co-worker containing pictures of bobcats that were taking shelter under a neighbors deck. This was off of Lawrence Avenue right next to the Orchards golf course. I don't know if this could be related, but I'm going to guess it is.

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