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An Iowa State fan is restrained by police after charging at Kansas head coach Bill Self after the Ja

OH, the good old days of fans getting upset and giving it to the visiting team, I miss that. This type of emotion creates great games and interest of teams and fans, it's called rilvary.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

Why did he fix tickets for Jones is it because he was a brotha or was it because he was a friend and a brotha? Move on!

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

I'am sorry for your loss, I'am sure he was a good person as well as police officer. Anyone who dies is a tragic loss, It's a loss of a human being. I don't like the way people in general, especially the media in the way they go about posting unequal reporting on people who died and the way they died for whatevrer reason how they died and whatever there endeavor was in life doesn't make one special than the others who die in less admiriable circumstances. For the record people who work as a police officer , commit to a life of law abiding citizenship even off duty. There are people out there will alway's criticize you for your mistakes. GOD BLESS

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Longtime Indian activist Russell Means dies at 72

I'm sorry for your loss, to the families of this man. Mr.Mean's never spoke for me, being a American Indian. There were better American Indian people who passed on, than Mr.Means. TO BAD SO SAD!

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Protests against film spread in Mideast; 1 killed

I find this very sad for all humans who want a world of peace and love. I know this the true GOD is about love, not oppression ,torture, raping, sodomizing and killing. These kinds of people are the son's of the devil. By having all that hate for other people and wanting to kill them, and they say there doing this in the name of alluh, I don't think so! These killers were born to the devil, the minute they started to manifeast and acting out these murderess crimes. United States have done alot of great things for nations in need they poured out billions of dollars to countries that hate us and we have our young children fighting and dieing for these people so they can have better life. I can go on and on but that won't fix anything, people will kill and keep killing until the end. This my opinion, so respect it, like I would yours.

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Head-on crash on Maine Street still under investigation; one driver still in hospital

KDICK, take it easy on posters and who made you superior? So! Go eat a banana!

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Part-time driver hired for KU's chancellor

Like I said in a previous reply! hedshrinker should apply, seems like he likes the word hedshrinker, for some apparent reason??

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'Everything goes' at biker rally

Went to one of these at perry 20yrs. ago while helping my girlfriend parents cater food to this event. I could 'nt go anywhere if I tried , I was blocked in by cars and motor bikes. I stayed there all weekend, it was dirty and had the nastiest people I ever came across.

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Grizzley Kills Hiker In Denali National Park

I couldn't lay still, because if the grizzly started to sniff my ears I would start laughing. I know folks who live in the wild and they carry firearms, I wouldn't go out there unless I had my 41.mag.

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