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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

What about getting rid of the silly 3.2% alcohol by volume law for gas stations and grocery stores?

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Sound Off: Mother’s Day is this weekend, but when is Grandparents’ Day this year?

That's all good and well but, when's my birthday?

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Lawrence teenager’s job comes with unexpected complications

What about a man named Richard who prefers to be called Dick? Is he too compensating for something?

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Lawrence teenager’s job comes with unexpected complications

She should go open a checking account with another bank. Most banks offer a teen account and I'm sure her employer offers direct deposit. That makes sure no more of her gets tied up with US bank. She can still work I have getting her money off that card.

It is becoming more common for employers to pay by using debit cards and other paperless solutions. The employer is still required to provide detail of pay and deductions. I find it laughable that some of you actually see it as a way that an employer might rip you off. Also, to put it nicely, with the amount of environmentally conscious people we have in Lawrence, I would think a tree saving alternative such as prepaid debit cards would be completely embraced.

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Town Talk: April 8 target date for Sears closing, but company interested in opening Hometown Sears store; Dick's Sporting Goods in the mix for Sears space; a new ag land real estate firm

I've had bad service in there as well. There was a time when the tool department employee couldn't answer my question so he offered to get his manager. The manager was paged to the department. Instead of coming out there he called on the phone. Eventually I was put on the phone after the employee got tired of being the middleman in the conversation. That is hands down the worst customers service I've ever had. With no respect for his customer to even come out and talk face to face. The tool department is in the back of the store as are the offices and storeroom. I am sure it wouldn't have been more then a couple of feet for him to come see me.

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Sound Off: I was wondering if there is a city law on how much trash and junk you can have in your fr

There's also a law against parking your car in your yard.

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Sound Off: Why is the stoplight at the junction of U.S. Highways 24-40 and 24-59 not on a sensor? It

I drive that way to work every day. There is a large sensor mounted to the top of the stop light arm. It regularly changes for me before I'm even at a complete stop. I too travel through on weekend mornings for work so that would have nothing to do with wait times either. I'm guessing the problem lies with the color car you drive and the stop light sensor hating that color. Yep, that's it, a bigoted stop light!

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Sound Off: Why don’t all of the countdown lights on Lawrence traffic signals turn yellow when they h

I see the answer clearly. Pedestrian signals are for pedestrians and are not a way to judge traffic signals. The count down is not a reason to speed up and try to beat the yellow light.

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