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What would you like to give up?

I used to give up watermelon, til my kids figured out I don't like watermelon. Gave up sex one year and got rid of a stupid boyfriend. Gave up sex one year since I DIDN'T have a boyfriend. Gave up sex a couple of years in fear of the AIDs epidemic. Then there was the year I gave up chocolate in any form. THAT was bad...worse than anything, even the aforementioned.

this year it's cookies and donuts. I'm almost a nun anyway...

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Did you order any Girl Scout Cookies this year?

MMMM, peanut butter sandwich cookies...2 sleeves, about 20 cookies, for $3.50 a box.....I order from two or three different kids. Gotta buy the mints for my brother, and my sons, but those pb's are MINE.
Dang things were 50 Cents a box when I sold em.

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Housing market downsizes

Yep, it's the average Joe once again, taking the hit. I can't sell for what I owe on my house because the market is flooded with those 200-300K pieces of cr@p. 21/2 years worth of inventory, what a realtor told me. At least I don't have to sell. I just want a smaller house.But It sure won't be in Lawrence. I LOVE Lawrence, I just can't afford to live there!

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Baby boomers opt for less spacious, lower-maintenance accommodations

Yep, I had a realtor tell me in so many words my big house will be worth less money and a small house will be worth more. Just my luck, as I too want a smaller house, but like most other people, gotta sell this one first

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A history of segregation

How well I remember the segregation growing up in the 60s. My best friend growing up was black, we slept nose to nose in the same bed more times than I can remember. Her family was large and treated me as I was one of her own, as did my mother with her. Her older brother was a black activist and dating a fair skinned red headed white girl. She was a photog at KU and took our picture walking home from school one day. My girlfriend and I were 8 or 10 at the time, grabbed each other around the neck and were cheek to cheek for several funny photos. The one she picked was printed in the UDK. My mother took a lot of heat for that picture. But we were North Lawrence Sandrats. Didn't care what they thought on "the other side of the bridge". Didn't know and didn't care, also didn't understand....
I also remember the Haskell students were not "let off" the "reservation" except every other Saturday. Then they would pour in to downtown. Woolworths would be packed with kids simply having a burger and a shake. White kids were told to stay out of downtown when "the indians were off".
I didn't understand this segregation until that photo hit and my mother had to explain it to me. Still did not make sense. She had always lead by example, never once making a snide remark, always a hand shake and a welcoming to whomever we saw.
I have, over the years, been told how much my mothers respect had meant to the parents of the black children.
Also, the predjudice existing in Lawrence did not only apply to racial issues. My mother was a divorcee in the 60s. I encountered more than a few kids who could not play with me because I was "her" daughter.
These events made me stronger and I am proud to remember my friends. They would be there for me today if I needed them, and I them.
I could drone on,but you all get the point. I have a lot more experiences to share. I grew up with the little brothers of Pig Dowdell, and remember walking home from school after he was shot. The family still waved at me that day as I walked by their house like I did every day. God Bless Kindness in the Eye of the Storm. And I see now how blessed I am to have been a part of this era.

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What do you think you spend most of your day doing?

And yes, Trinity, Where does the conga line start? Friday friday friDAY!

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What do you think you spend most of your day doing?

I spend about 30 min every morning watch you guys post. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment both socially and politically.!
Once in awhile I chime in, but I usually don't have much to say, I just read. The entertainment value of the "regulars" here is a hoot.
The rest of MY time is spent working a 9-10hr day in Soul-athe. It's after dark when I get home, too tired to do much else but read.
BUT every morning I'm here, watching and reading, chuckling, OMG ing, LOLing and yes, if I'm not careful, I'll learn something.

Have a lovely day, keep up the banter! Remember I may not post, but I'm here!



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Organ grinder

AWESOME SHOWMAN! I can't wait to go! I've been a fan since Finnegan * Wood Crazed Hipsters - we STILL play it! The show of the season for me!

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Have you tried to quit smoking?

I smoked because everyone did...
My mother, her family, my stepdad, and especially, my friends. We were budding hippies ready to try and do anything....
Thanks for all the ideas and support!

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Have you tried to quit smoking?

Yea, it was bizarre. Hadn't seen one in years, the other in a couple of months.. Now that I look back, it was hilarious!

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