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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

Matt was a good friend of mine... And to see the insensitivity of postings from this article astounds me. We are all human...all of us have known someone close who have passed away. No matter the circumstances surrounding Matt's death it's a huge loss for friends, family...his recent fiancé. Have some respect. If your friend died you'd be appalled at how you were acting.

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Have you ever used the Tipsy Taxi on New Year's Eve?

Or another response, like "I don't remember."

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Word nerds: They're out to rid the world of typos

Har har! Where do I join ?! Just the other day I was in Cycleworks bike shop, there's a sign on the wall that says "Wear your helmet, let's not all become vegetable's" I'll wear a helmet everyday if it means I won't end up becoming a slave to a vegetable

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Law enforcement officials detain suspect in stabbing along bike path in west Lawrence

Well I'm glad to know that my waterbottle cage modification into a gun holster is finally going to pay off...

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Food-stamp shopping: Could your family eat on $68.88 a week? One parent gives it a try

Seriously !! Was thinking about that the other day when I noticed over the years candy bars have gone down in price....but it costs me over $1 to buy one apple >:-o

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Police searching for aggravated burglary suspect

LMAO... thats exactly what I thought when I read that..!..."engaged in conversation" makes it sound like a spur of the moment tea party

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Wisconsin candidate defines tea party

Let's hear it for Oshkosh Whooooooooot !

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Unclear wording of tax credit short changes two-wheel commuters

WOW Stover, pretty sure I see your cutesie little civic parked outside of CW everyday..but you must rope it to the back of your bike to get that extra trainin workout. And when was the last time anyone caught Gary on a bike?! Whizzers don't count..

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21-year-old man arrested after stealing ambulance

The things people do for booty calls...

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