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Interest building in Lego creation competition


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The Toy Store holds Lego building competition

What do you mean by this comment?

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The one millionth comment countdown: So you want to know about prizes?

Whoooo! I want an LJ WORLD coffee mug!

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The ink crowd: Tattooists reveal their skills on traditional canvas at Ichiban art show

"In September 2006, the Pew Research Center conducted a telephone survey which found that 36% of Americans ages 18–25, 40% of those 26-40 and 10% of those 41-64 had a tattoo." From Wikipedia.

Get with the times, people! Tattoos are here to stay!

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In hot car, ’just a minute’ can be deadly for dogs

Very helpful and informational article!

My dog and I travel together in the car a lot.
I'm not sure how someone can own a dog, and only take it in the car when going to the vet's office. You must live within walking distance of everything!

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Law enforcement asks for your help with Missouri Amber Alert

What a shame. I'll be hoping that the police find her alive & well, 'legal' or not.

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Do you have a new or favorite Web site?

great art at:

no, it's not actually an exploding dog.

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