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Go Green: Pressure cooker a worthwhile investment

Pressure cookers are a huge asset to any kitchen. A few points not mentioned in the article:

-Douglas County Extension Office usually has a pressure cooker safety check. Haven't heard about it this year, but the service has been offered many times in the past.

-Also, we're all aware of the evils of BPA's in plastic water containers; they're also a huge part of tin can linings for canned vegetables. Buy some mason jars, start canning and skip all those BPA's in your store-bought tin can veggies.

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Sex offender who escaped from Lansing still free

so 27 years ago he was given a 6 to 25 year stint, and he's still incarcerated? Maybe he did the math recently and figured out that he should probably leave.

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One person dead near railroad tracks north of Lawrence

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One person dead near railroad tracks north of Lawrence

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Downtown victory party Saturday night goes largely according to plan

I saw that car earlier. The back of it had Ohio State stickers all over it...

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Perry man gets probation for choking teenager multiple times last year

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

is there any comment on the house where he was staying? i.e., did he have friends there? Will there be additional charges for the residents to the tune of harboring a known criminal?

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Garden caution

"adequate soil testing," (entertaining briefly the notion that Lawrence soil is somehow unreasonably unsafe) would infer testing it for whatever one might be concerned with. When we test for nutrient content, it's because we're unsure of that. If we're unsure about chemicals, one should probably test for chemicals. I guess I felt it was a given in the conversation that people would not assume that nutrient testing would reveal anything about contamination, just as contamination testing would likely not reveal much in the way of nutrient deficiencies.

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Garden caution

several points to make here:

Firstly, yes, adequate soil testing is a great idea. It's too bad that there are no federal regulations requiring this of the enormous commodity farms in our country that fill our children with corn. We have no assurances that their product is safe; we don't even know where it comes from most of the time.

Secondly, along the same lines, we do know where this produce will be coming from. If you don't wish to consume it, it is absolutely your right not to do so.

Thirdly, with regard to Russia's radioactive produce, and Rome's lead problems, I trust you all realize that our own American commodity produce is regularly sprayed with chemicals that have LD ratings, which, for those of you who haven't brushed up on your chemistry for a while, stands for "Lethal Dose." I've heard of Monsanto reps drinking roundup before as a demonstration of its harmlessness. I've also seen high-ranking agricultural professionals in our state squirm when telling me that story.

Fourth and finally, another major undoing of the Roman Empire was their lack of understanding of soil health. They would produce food in an area until the soil was depleted, and they would be forced to take more territory in order to regain access to fertile soil. Lets be thankful, regardless of Rome, Russia, or any "what if" scenarios, that the people in our community have more respect and understanding for the soil we steward.

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Lawrence commissioners to determine whether to create four community gardens

I guess we'll know who to talk to (^^^) when the trees are full one day and empty the next...

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