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Family makes tradition of celebrating girl's birthday with fire station crew

I was told a story by a man once who was down on his luck with little money and his son's birthday rapidly approaching. As a last ditch effort, the man stopped by his local fire station, explained his situation and asked if he could bring his son by for a tour on his birthday.

Upon arriving at the station with his son on the boy's birthday, the firefighters had not only a tour, but balloons, cake, and other niceties to ensure that this young man had a very happy birthday.

The father was brought to tears by the generosity and thoughtfulness of those firefighters. Here's to our local heroes who make it a habit of going above and beyond on a consistant basis.

Thanks guys.

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything's ok and everything blows up in your face...

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

I love our team and I love our coach, however I find it a little troublesome that there are no quotes from him on his own shortcomings. He's part of the team too... If the team fails, that means that every individual who makes up the team fails. He can't just take credit when things go well and then spread it around when things go otherwise.

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Lawrence man found guilty of animal cruelty after tying dog's hind legs

Did anyone inquire as to what was going on that caused the dog to bite him in the first place?

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

I completely agree. It's great that Travis takes such an interest in providing for those that depend on him.

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

All this nuclear/non-nuclear talk aside, as a spectator, I've always had a hunch that Travis was a man of good character, although I've known little about his personal life. This is a great article is not only confirmation of my hunch, but also a great example of positive reporting for the LJW.

As a man who also fathered a child at 22 in the midst of my college career, I have seen the challenges brought with it, and the good fortune of being able to meet those challenges. I wonder what might have become of me if I hadn't had someone to continue pushing forward for.

Travis, thanks for exhibiting good Jayhawk spirit on and off the court.

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

Without Lawrence, there is no KU, and without KU, Lawrence becomes Osage City. I know some of you moved here long before KU was a presence in the community, so I understand your gripes.

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Doll says no plans for widespread drug testing

Bravo, Mr. Doll.

I don't condone drug use, but schools like Rockhurst can do this because they're private. I can tell lots of stories about private schools that were allowed to do things because they weren't public. These types of things don't have place in any high school, especially public ones.

On the other hand, Rockhurst parents may feel better about getting something tangible for the tuition they pay...

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Two Lawrence residences attract HGTV attention

Manicured lawns and little boxes made of ticky tacky are not the stuff Lawrence is made of. The Schmeidler's house is not only a definitive example of re-purposing already existing items, but also a fantastic example of doing more with less. Having been inside their wonderful home, it has a fairly small footprint, yet their decorating style makes me feel like there's always another room to wander into.

Just like I stay out of west Lawrence because I think the esthetics suck, maybe haters should stay off the 700 block of Missouri St.

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