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Pentagon Papers being released today

in other "news" Arnold Swarchenegger is a Nazi and so was his father.

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Lawrence utility customers may see rate increase to cover needed repairs to Kaw River water intake

that probably does need replaced but it isn't my fault the city left that pieced out for years and did nothing till the last minute... sounds like everyone has had a long time to come up with a plan... I personally cant afford to pay the water bill I already have so go ahead and raise the prices... then again if its been pieced out for years why not just put it off a little longer cause right now that doesnt seem like the best move to make considering the current melt down the economy is suffering... really need to scale the pros and cons on this one but, for the record, a furnace in a mans house is not even the same ball park as this busted water intake... its not even the same game!

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Troop withdrawal must fit U.S. strategy

What about the worldwide war bill??
The world-wide war provision has no expiration date. It means the current and any future president can decide to go to war anywhere in the world without additional congressional authorization.
What about the troops Obama sent to Libya without congress saying it was cool??
Withdraw troops?!
Withdraw and then deploy them all to some other place...

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40 years ago: Mosquitoes and chiggers part of traditional Kansas summer

September of October? I must have been sleeping... glad I missed it... bugs = icky

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Alabama passes anti-immigration laws, called nation's strictest

not again, Alabama!! The south does NOT rise again!! The war has been over for a long time!! Take that ridiculous looking ghost costume off and join the civilized world!!

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Solid Waste Task Force hears suggestions to encourage residents to recycle

its pretty cool to see people know this recycling thing is a lie... its actually BAD for the environment in most cases and its not cost effective in most cases either. If they mandate recycling aluminium and glass and the stuff that is worth the trouble to recycle though that will take the option for bums and poor people like myself to get paid when we dig them out of your trash right away... seriously... thats just a penny out of our pockets... I would be willing to do this if there were some incentive... like "after x amount of time all the money will be used to build x thing for the community" ya know?

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Lawrence police seek information on multiple gunshots fired outside The Cave

I said "around people" because I added Dick Cheney to my shout outs list and he kinda shot somebody in the face tryin to fire guns "around" people or whatever... playin rambo.... grown man... vice president at the time.... shot... a... man... in... the face.... o.o

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Lawrence police seek information on multiple gunshots fired outside The Cave

I dont think culture has degraded honestly. I think back in the good ol days here in Kansas mofos got shot in the face over a poker game. Dodge friggin city! We are just slow blooming into what we should be- 40-or-50-years-late slow. --- Id like to give a shout out to Dr. Dre., Snoop Doggy Dogg, Lil Wayne, The Game, Waka Flocka Flame, Dick Cheney, and all the other psychos that think its cool to run around shootin' guns at and around people.

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Number of unclaimed bodies increases since 2010 budget cuts to Kansas program

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