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What store, if any, is downtown lacking?

Going back to the good ol' days - NY Bagel. So sad that they couldn't hang on when Einstein's moved in. BEST BAGELS I HAVE EVER EATEN!! I still shed a tear when I walk the east side of the 800 block of Mass.

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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

Such a heartbreaking tragedy. My thoughts and prayers have been with this family all day.

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Journal-World's animal stories of 2011 feature heroism, heartbreak

LJW ran a story online recently about an 11-year-old Lawrence girl that was able to get over 200 items donated to the Lawrence Humane Society in time for Christmas. It would be nice to read a bit more about the people behind the animals that help to love and care for them!

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Two women treated at LMH after accident at McDonald Drive and Princeton Boulevard

I couldn't agree more with signoflife! We live in that area and I have to make that left turn going north multiple times daily. It's a VERY poorly designed intersection. The road curves through the intersection with no lines indicating this. Therefore, the turn lane and the oncoming through-traffic actually line up if you don't take the unmarked curvature of the intersection into account. I, too, am surprised that there have not been more accidents there. I hope both women recover fully and quickly!

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Loss hits Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed particularly hard

Reed's a great ball player. A great kid with a squeaky-clean reputation (no small feat for a mini-celebrity on KU's campus). You will not be defined by one mediocre game. Hold that head up high, Tyrel, you've served your team well!

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Lawrence city commission's rejection of Lowe’s plan spurs debate on location

Lawrence has the potential to spend more, supporting more than the 4.1 million sq ft of retail space. However, big ticket items are purchased out of town where the tax rate isn't pushing 9%. How do we lower taxes and get spending back in our town? Allow businesses like American Eagle to build their distribution center here. That would not take any retail business from our local business, but the 600+ jobs went south to Ottawa. Guess what? Their Boys and Girls club is flourishing due to the generous support of AE. Are sustainable wages necessary in a town teeming with college and high school students looking for part-time employment? Not really. Open your eyes, Lawrence, and see what 20 years from now holds. High taxes on residents. Minimal tax base from businesses. This is just bad business for big box stores and local small businesses alike.

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Lawrence city commission's rejection of Lowe’s plan spurs debate on location

Oh, Amen to that! Our biggest tax base in Lawrence is currently the homeowners. Not big businesses. Want a new library? Want a Children's museum? Want better parks? Want better public transportation? All of these are paid by TAXES. Businesses pay big taxes to the city. Lawrence shoots itself in the foot every time there is an opportunity to allow a big business to come here. We are so bent on keeping the small-town 'artsy' feel of Lawrence to the detriment of those they aim to please. The 'artsty' community can hardly afford to live here anymore. Wake up, Lawrence, and smell your own self-righteous pride.

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Lawrence man convicted of repeatedly raping child

As a mother of young girls, my stomach turns at the thought of disgust such as this. I'm sure he has his own damage, but to take it out on an innocent such as this is the lowest form of human behavior.

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The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey's and into the Casbah

Yipee!! I love the Burger Stand! I love my burger bloody, served with micro greens and a truffle sauce that drips from my fingers. I'll jog and extra few (um, hundred) miles to work that burger off! Naysayers...head to McDonald's...the price and quality should suit you just fine. Sorry Dempsey's - we'd grab a Guiness from you with our burger, but not if there's no Burger Stand, we're out!

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City preparing ice skating rink

I love seeing the City of Lawrence doing something just for the residents of Lawrence that is family friendly! There is much to love about Lawrence, but compared to other communities, it sorely lacks in offerings for families. Is a Children's Museum/Science-Discovery center and a zoo too much to wish for? I guess so, but thanks for the ice-skating!

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