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Vote for McCain

This is a laughable editorial. Come on, you think giving tax breaks to working people instead of those in Dolph Simmons' economic class is can't honestly believe this campaign rhetoric, can you? And use it as as basis for a newspaper's endorsement? Give us a break. I'm not surprised that LJW is endorsing McCain, but I am very surprised at the laughable rationale.

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Riding the Obama Train: All the Way to the White House, or will McCain's VP choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin derail it?

McCain's choice has has no affect on my decision about voting. I'm voting for Barack Obama without reservation or hesitation. However, McCain's choice has made me re-commit to working hard to be sure that McCain does not win this election. A VP candidate who is anti-choice in the case of rape and incest and who supports teaching creationism in public schools science classrooms is just not within the bounds of what I consider reasonable. This reflects what I consider an extremist perspective. I still don't understand how anyone can be anti-choice in the case of rape or incest. I'm not wildly pro-choice--in fact, I would consider myself anti-abortion but pro-choice--but I just don't understand how anyone can think that the government should make that choice for any woman who finds herself in that situation.

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Riding the Obama Train: All the Way to the White House, or will McCain's VP choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin derail it?

So, Ronda, last week you told us that you were a Hillary supporter who was going to vote for McCain...are you still going to vote for him now that the running mate does not support reproductive choice, even in the cases of rape and incest?

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Coming Out of the Closet: Politically Speaking

Ronda,All I can say is remember the Supreme Court. A vote for McCain or a write-in for Hillary will put the appointment of SC judges in the hands of a conservative. I'm not wildly pro-choice, but I do remember what is was like before women had the right to control our reproductive lives. How about honoring Hillary by voting for Obama?

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Creativity: This Week's Focus Is on Creating Music with Bradford Hoopes and Ardys Ramberg

Ardys,You are not only a musician, but an artist who makes all kinds of art happen. What and who inspires you?

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Faith Forum: Does faith have a place in science?

Come on, Marion, you know exactly what he function as a congregation that is conscious of its use and stewardship of natural resources...I can't believe that you didn't understand what the pastor was saying. Perhaps you have some issue with a congregation trying to be more "green?"

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Christian book recommendations

Bart Ehrman will be in Lawrence in April of 2008 for a weekend of lectures and talks. You can then judge for yourself about whether he is a scholar or charlatan as dlkrm claims. These claims against Ehrman are typically made by fundamentalist Christians whose whole faith is based on the false notion that the Bible is the literal word of God handed down from God's mouth to man's pen. These folks tend to be threatened by any academic exploration of scripture because the idea that it is to be taken literally just doesn't hold up to academic scrutiny--by Ehrman or anybody else. It makes sense to be defensive if you have built your faith upon a foundation that just doesn't hold up.

I don't mean this to be directed at dlkrm, as he/she does not reveal the sources upon which his/her comments are based. But, I suspect if you check it out, the criticism of Ehrman comes from those who are trying to convince themselves and others that fundamentalism is the "true" Christian perspective when in actuality this "brand" of Christianity is a modern, American invention. Christianity is far stronger and scripture is far more powerful than this kind of narrow understanding allows.

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Christian book recommendations

She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson. It is not a light read, but is well worth the effort.

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Christian book recommendations

Blood Done Sign My Name by Timothy B. Tyson. This is a book about race, about faith, about redemption--a must read for Christians and others alike. It is the true story of a 1970 racially motivated murder and the aftermath in a small town in North Carolina. The author's father is a United Methodist minister who is serving a church in the town when the murder occurs. BDSMN challenges all of us to wrestle with our understandings about race, about God and about each other.

This book has gotten great reviews and has won many awards. You can check it out at or some other on line vendor if you want to know more.

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Domestic partnership registry opens today

So, some of you think the "Adam & Eve story" is literally true, huh? Interesting notion...have you thought that one all the way through?

I also once heard someone say in a argument to defend English as the official language, "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me."

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