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Ambulance, LifeStar leave scene of 'traumatic' injury accident without transporting patient

Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene of a traumatic injury accidet south .

Might want to fix the typo...accident... :)

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Have you ever been involved in a car-deer accident?

I have hit a few deer with my truck... and they were delicious!!
But seriously - do watch for them in the fields- wear your seatbelts and pay attention to the deer crossing signs... they are there for a reason!!

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run

I have serious concerns with the depth and width of your knowledge, artichokeheart. I hope that all your "good information" does not compromise the outcome of this case. Seriously, take some advise, never miss an opportuntity to shut up.

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Tip helps Lawrence Humane Society recover stolen puppy

DRSMith... Just an FYI.. the humane society does not euthanize anymore... :)

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Defense rests with blood stain expert in Jaeger trial

Does any body think about how all this started? Jaeger just "happened" to be worried about his ex-girlfriend,in the middle of the night, she coincidentally was someone else, who was chased off. So he helped her by choking the daylights out of her, dragging her to the car..(how helpful), were they even travelling towards the hospital? There are not holes in his testimony, there are craters. How appropriate that this poor victim was injured in her most private area- somewhere he was never going to get close to again. If he could not have her, I guess he was going to make sure no one else would. I cannot imagine the emotional damage done also.

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Jaeger denies ever hurting ex-girlfriend, says he was just trying to protect her

looks like the accused forgot that his victim remembers her being choked by him... is that helping her? I don't think so. Unfortunately, he believes his own story. I hope no one else does. What a horrific act.

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Sheriff’s deputy to wrap up 33-year career

That bridge is the old "Brown's Grove" bridge, the new one was built after that wreck. It is located south of the K-10 by- pass and north of the lone star black top... the short cut from Kasold on the curve, out to the lake..

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Jury finds Ramona Morgan guilty on all charges relating to last September's accident

thank you jurors for a job that was well done, thank you DA's office for presenting a good case to the jurors, thank you Highway Patrol and Sheriff's Department for the investigation to give to the DA. Peace to the families and coworkers of the vicitms.

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Traditional KU whistle silenced to cut costs

a great KU tradition silenced for a couple of grand.... how sad

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