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KU visit should be highlight for prospective students

I was surprised by this article. I am not a student ambassador at KU, however, I do work in the Admissions Office and I give tours. The team I work with works hard trying to get students to come to KU.. I have only been on my team for a year so I cannot speak on things with past tours but we work hard to strive for good quality tours when a school comes to us. We cannot take you into a lot of building because most of our tours are only an hour long so the outside of the buildings is what we can only do, sometimes. Now not knowing the information is a different matter. If you plan a tour, the beginning of the semester many teams, who give tours, are in the process of recruiting members, meaning that you may get someone who is a “newbie” and still tweaking their tour skills. I was horrified my first tour by myself and I had more people than just two girls and their moms. So please understand it is an ongoing process of learning not just for you but for us as well. I took this article to heart and I know other KU staff members will too. We will continue to strive to give perspective students the best quality tours we can give them and make sure we represent KU in the best way as we can.

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