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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

Words can't express the gratitude and respect I have for Mr. Stidham. Never once in 4 years of music camp and 5 years of KU Band have I ever seen him without a smile and kind words for anyone. I've never even seen him not know a current or former student's name.Both Mr. Stidham and Mr. Foster were very influential in how I learned how to treat people. Honestly, I hope they put up a statue someday.

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Statehouse Live: Sam Brownback says he is focused on economic growth

well stated. don't think i could've said it better.

i consider myself a hard-working (1 FT/1 PT job) american and "conservative". i'm quite certain i pay more than my fair share of taxes and i have no problem with that if it means better education for children (which i have none) and better health care for all legal citizens. these are truly investments in our country.

what i have found so frightening is how the whole right wing "conservative" movement has morphed into some political/religious crusade...against "regular" americans...its this "if you ain't with us, then you must be a liberal terriost-luvin socialist."
we've spent countless billions in iraq/afghanistan and have nothing to show for it (unless you're a halliburton stockholder)....yet a healtcare plan that would help our very own people is an impossibility to achieve because the propoganda machine fools you to think that the only people who will benefit are the lazy unemployed and illegal immigrants. do you think the server, with 2 kids and a deadbeat ex-husband, on the midnight shift down at perkins has a great affordable health insurance plan?

i used to think being a republican/conservative meant a strict interpretation of the constitution...which protects freedom of religion and provides that no law shall be made respecting the establishment of a religion. yet, they now seem so threatened by anything not evangelical christian. i was taught to love thy neighbor as thyself not "take what i can get, keep the govt. out of my wallet...but if i think someone else is doing something i don't believe in, lets outlaw it....."

anyway, i digress.....

Sinclair Lewis wrote in 1935 "When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross."

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Turnpike work near Lawrence puts drivers in the slow lane

Any of you ever think about jumping off of I70 and taking K7 to 24-40? Or getting off at the new Tongie/Eudora exit?

Oh..whats that? No? You'd rather whine instead? I see....

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Eight firefighters honored for river rescue


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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies

You might be on to something....

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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies

It seems that Unruh has an underlying and latent disdain for bikers. Perhaps he was the offspring of some one night encounter of a grizzly road-worn ramblin' man and some floozy $20 lot lizard...and he's never really come to terms with it.

Some professional counseling might do you some good.

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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies


Well stated. I've ridden in this event 5 out of the last 6 years...only missing the one because I was out of the country. Just before B4B last year, my sister had twins over two months pre-mature. This ride means a hell of a lot more to me now than it did. So, I tend to take the negative comments posted above pretty personally.

Again, to all those who were inconvenienced, or consider us losers or self indulgent....sorry 'bout that. What were we thinking??

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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies

Correction....meant to type: I'll assume you're that guy. (Not 'your that guy')

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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies

Unruh replied:

"I never claimed to perfect. Should high risk leisure activities be associated with charity? Would it be better to raise money for charity without the disruption and personal safety risks? But then baby boomers couldn’t have fun while they save the world. Typical self indulgent BS of the boomer generation."

You might not be perfect but you sure do seem to be riding an awfully high horse. Again, you presume that everyone that participated in the event was a self-indulgent Harley riding baby boomer. Perhaps you should volunteer for the event next year and actually see what goes on and who participates so that you might have a valid point. But then, that would require you to get out of the house where you might get sunburned or rained on or hit by a passing T bus. Finally, I leave you with this: "The only person who never makes mistakes is the person who never does anything."-Denis Waitley I'll assume your that guy.

Mr. Coons, sorry about your pile up. Get well and get back on.

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Motorcyclists injured in Bikers for Babies


From your posts, I'll assume the following about you:

1. You don't own a vehicle and walk/ride a bike/take the T everywhere.

2. You give all of your expendable income to the charity of your choice or the bums on Mass.

3. When you are not working (assuming you have a job) you volunteer all of your spare time to the animal shelter/Big Brothers-Big Sisters/the Red Cross, etc.

4. You never do anything just for the heck of it. Your day is scheduled down to the minute.

5. You've never inconvenienced anyone in your life.

6. You might be Amish. (But you're using a computer??)

From my perspective "society" was very much a part of this event. Sorry we inconvenienced your day for a couple hours. What a waste of your valuable time.

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