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Letter: Center support

As did the vote for to build the SLT--but you are against that one.

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Lawrence High girls basketball trounces KC Harmon, 78-7

Maybe if the Girlz From Da Hood known as KC Harmon spent less time doing drugs on the bus on the way to a freaking game--which is what occurred tonight on their way to play Topeka West and likely before the LHS game--and more time getting in decent physical condition they wouldn't perform so poorly. These lazy, irresponsible students are future leeches of taxpayers--actually most probably already are. For the innocent members of that team, and there must be some, it's too bad they are stuck in a failed school surrounded by such awful peers. Don't look towards their parents for help either, because I'm sure they have taught, or allowed, their daughters to behave this way

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Rob Chestnut seeking to return to Lawrence City Commission

You always tout Lawrence needs jobs, but in every one of your posts you attack those who serve in the public sector. You seem to view people to work for the school, the city, and the state as moochers who the rest of us pay for. Well, the rest of us pay for everyone's job--even private sector jobs. It doesn't matter if a person sell cars, owns a small business (like I do) or works half-assed at K-Mart distribution center as some whiners in this community have been known to do. We all pay for everyone's job.

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Letter: Job spin

Well, except that I am a Democrat--an independent-thinking one, however--so don't let that fact and the fact that the Obama administration has been a failure get in the way of blaming people like me. I have no faith in the democratic party. I have lost faith in both parties.

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Letter: Job spin

The actual job numbers will come out in about two weeks--California somehow failed to have their pathetic numbers "ready." Once California's numbers are added--they have almost 11 percent unemployed--the true unemployment rate for the country will be over 8% again.

The unemployment rate is not under 8%. The left knows it, the right knows it, but the mainstream media won't report it. The administration is hoping the corrected numbers come out too late to be newsworthy, just as they hoped to hide the fact we were attacked by terrorists on 9/11. If the truth must come out they just want to make sure it happens after the election.

I urge all of you who are undecided to read Bob Woodward's book about the Obama Administration. Woodward--a liberal reporter, has no faith or trust in Obama's administration. He's been on CNN and other networks warning us that Obama and the rest of his inexperienced hacks have no idea what they are doing. I've heard it from his own lips that Obama needs to be voted out, althought he is no fan of Romney.

I'm one life-long democrat who will gladly cast his vote for Romney.

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Economist calls for flat tax, less spending

The truth is that our society is so full of entitlements that it's better to work part-time and qualify for free and reduced fees for everything from food, shelter, lawyers, school fees, school lunches, transportation, health insurance etc., than it is to make 30K and just fall over the line that would allow you to qualify to these entitlements. The way it works now is that lazyness is rewarded. It's not like the customers seen on shows such as Hardcore Pawn could actually hold jobs that would pay for a lifestyle any better than what they get for free from Uncle Sam, so there is no incentive for them to even try.

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Better off

The economy also was on the uptick at the end of the first President Bush, but nobody ever hears about that. Clinton got credit for an economy his policies had nothing to do with, with the exception of welfare reform (and the key feature of that reform is being cast aside by Obama--forcing people back to work). The real reason for the good economy that occurred for much of the Clinton years was the "dot com" boom.

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Lawrence city commissioners to consider 'taxing' city itself for utility service

"I would challenge the Journal World to get a gutsy reporter to go to City Hall and get a complete list of employees for the Water Department and their salaries. Next get the individual salaries of the Legal Department and their names and the actual number of hours devoted to particular issues. The public would be beyond shocked!"

What does that have to do with anything? All you ever do is want to fire people and complain about the LJWorld. Based on your arguments life is better in Arizona in the present and was better in Lawrence 30 years ago, so, please, move to either place.

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AP source: Romney picks Ryan for running mate

The majority of the have-nots are there because of their own failings. That they chose a life of living off of the work of those that have was their choice. It's time they do-without and learn to stand on their own feet or suffer.

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