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Are you in favor of relocating the Lawrence Community Shelter from downtown to property east of the city?

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My home is alot like homeless shelter when the young adult kids move home or come to visit. We live out in the county, would be nice to have law enforement nearby to referee the inevitable squables that break out when we're all cooped up in same double wide taking shelter from the opressive heat. Had a fight over satellite TV clicker last night, got really ugly.

Like clarkkent's suggestion, maybe we should just shut down the homestead?

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

I broke down about 55 miles outside Colby. Got ride to nearest phone from carload of 4Hers on way to bowling. Called two different tow trucks in local yellow pages. Got a pretty high bill by Colby standards, $155, also got quick charge and coffee while making up my next move. '89 Mercedes needed alternator, needed to get home to get salvaged alternator. The driver had the same model/year Merc with bum alternator. Adsked me to buy two if I find one. His was on the lift in his garage. So bought extra battery at Walmart cancelled trip and drove home.

Felt I got off pretty cheap. Would never accept a tow without knowing the estimated charges. Got gouged for 10 mile tow in New Jersey, $250, but got caught in bind.

Usually tow my own but got caught outside personal sphere of influence.

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What is Kansas' nastiest summer bug?

Darn near died of chiggers a couple times.

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Lawrence's latest economic development initiative: Attract older folks to settle here

We have an old family tradition just like the plan the Commission is hatching for the older folks.

We turn the old folks upside down and shake them then collect all the money that falls out of their pockets. Trouble wit that is now I'm one of the old folks that are the object of the plan.

There are bennies for the elders to move to low cost of living/high service towns like Larryville, have family that did just that. Bought a nice house, paid it off and lived out their years. Me, I chose the country life away from the clutter. That way the family don't come out and turn me upside down so often.

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Does your neighborhood need traffic calming devices?

the bigger the speed bump or roadkill the calmer the traffic

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Does your neighborhood need traffic calming devices?

traffic calming device, feels a lot more sensitive/sophisticated than speed bump.

natural traffic calming devices - pothole, roadkill, tight curves equipped with stout hardwood trees

artificial traffic calming devices - concrete or asphalt speed bumps

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Anthony Jury Reached Correct Verdict

Only know the facts from the constant media coverage. Have to agree the DA overprosecuted a case where cause and manner of death was unknown. If those 12 people on the jury say 'not guilty' then I have to go with their opinion as fair.

If DA had gone for lesser charges like child neglect resulting in death it would've been a slam dunk guilty verdict.

Can't wait for the TV special/books/movie. Casey Anthony needs a good agent.

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Have you ever met someone who lived to be 100 years or older?

100 years?, that's a long time to live. I'll settle for 91.

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