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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

They absolutely had a choice. Someone could have said "We'll look into it. We need to determine if the law applies to a farm supply store/chicks." Then they could simply clarify the language at the next meeting.

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Town Talk: City says chick sale at Orscheln afoul of code; a twist on sidewalk dining; an iconic trash Dumpster; weekly land transfers and an election filing

I think it's sad that the city of Lawrence eliminated a local supplier of chicks, despite allowing backyard chickens. Backyard chicken-keepers don't need 25 chicks (the usual minimum order, as pointed out above) - they need to be able to walk into a farm supply store like Orscheln and pick out just a few.

Clearly the city needs to review its ordinance to distinguish between selling chicks retail and raising birds in the backyard. It's really awful that someone wasn't able to use their common sense on this one!

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Do you mention to your neighbor when his or her lawn grows too long?

Well, on Friday I learned that it will take a least a week to fix my broken mower so I hope that my neighbors give me the benefit of the doubt.

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KU student says stranger pushed her to the ground outside Strong Hall

She probably felt silly calling the police to say "Some guy pushed me. I wasn't hurt. He ran away."

Then, after thinking about it and telling people about it that she realized that it was really was serious enough to report.

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Koch responds to criticism

Actually, they recruit pretty much constantly at KU. I assume that they are also the Kochs behind Koch Commons in Summerfield Hall.

I imagine that this is the only reason they've even responded to the criticisms outlined in a letter to the editor in this paper: they don't want students at KU getting a negative impression.

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Kansas Mega Millions winner remains unknown

Well, if they announced what store, then it might induce people to double check their tickets.

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Go Green: Kitchen invaders part of the family

It seems like you would kill fewer of them by laying a barrier at the entry point and preventing the scouts from every entering your home, thus leading many more of their compatriots to a soapy death.

Yes, even organic barriers like diatomaceous earth will kill the handful of ants who try to find entrance, but as a result, they give up and go elsewhere.

By allowing them to move in, you ultimately kill more of them.

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Sound Off: Is parking allowed on both sides of Barker Avenue between 15th and 19th streets? And if i

Geez. I can sympathize with this person. My street has homes with two-three car garages and the road is still like an obstacle course with parked cars every where. Maybe I'll request a parking restriction too.

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

I took a night class during my first semester at KU only to be surprised by the announcement that I wouldn't be allowed to park close to my class due to a game. I never took a night class again. I was shocked that KU thought catering to a sports game crowd was more important than my safety as a female student.

I am not and I never will be interested in walking long distances on campus at night to get to my car.

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

If professors follow your philosophy, they will simply cancel the class. As you mentioned, some professors are already preparing to cancel classes.

Any professor who feels that a sports game is not sufficient reason to cancel class will simply not cancel class. And then they will not reteach. Simply by holding the class as scheduled, they are broadcasting their intent not to "cut some slack."

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