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Sound Off: On the new job classified system on, why do jobs not always appear the day th

Agreed with swampyankee. It's too much like the CareerBuilder site which is hard to navigate (and weed out the nonjobs). I prefer the old format.

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Town Talk: Rumors of Starbucks looking to build in northwest Lawrence; city and convenience store exploring options for compressed natural gas; how about a bicycle fleet for city workers?

Yes! Please bring a drive through Starbucks to that area! The in store ones at Dillon's tend to really depend on whatever Dillon's flunky is there for the day.

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Town Talk: Student financial aid company moving to N. Lawrence, may add 100 jobs; Masonic Temple project on the ropes; Eudora to host Christmas extravganza

So instead of being happy for more jobs for our community with a locally owned company, you'd rather whine about perceived business motives? Sounds productive.

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Town Talk: Mattress Firm heading to South Iowa; downtown health club to open after Thanksgiving; city set to discuss northwest recreation center and fieldhouse

Anyone know what's happening to the old Pizza Street location on 6th? Someone put paper up on the windows and looks like something might be going in?

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KU student pushes button that demolishes a portion of the Kansas Turnpike bridge

we heard it at the sunflower broadband building. felt it too.

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Prophet of finance: Dave Ramsey establishes successful, if controversial, faith-based seminars

I am curious as to why people might think what Dave Ramsey does is "against the word."
There's no real explanation here other than the fact that me makes money at what he does, which is only responsible for any business owner. What makes Dave unique in this is that he doesn't exploit people to do it, where other self-help gurus would.

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How much do you give to the United Way in a year?

Agreed, labmonkey.
My mother works for a nonprofit group that "receives donations" from United Way. They once had someone donate $500 to United Way earmarked for her organization and they never saw a cent of it.

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Sunflower Broadband to offer refunds to residential Internet customers after Wednesday's outage

Oonly: would you rather wait in queue for 20+ minutes waiting for a rep?

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Maintenance hampers local Internet access, takes down local Web sites

What's with the viciousness, machiavelli?
Jon merely said he started reporting when he noticed the problem not when it actually started. I'm sure its been going down over the last couple of days and only culminated into today's loveliness.

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Maintenance hampers local Internet access, takes down local Web sites

Yes because Sunflower benefits from pissing off customers...

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