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Chain retailer on 23rd Street files for bankruptcy, seeks buyer; new report says Lawrence one of the more unique cities in the country

JoAnn's is going into the Hancock location so all fabric minded people can rejoice!

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Once popular sandwich chain looking to make return to Lawrence, owner confirms; Lawrence innovator receives special invite to White House

Darn, you had me excited that Quizno's might be coming back... Man do I miss Quizno's

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One 23rd Street restaurant closes, another opens, with elaborate dishes including something called an Avocado Bomb

If you want amazing egg rolls, check out China House on 6th and Wakarusa. Some of the best egg rolls I've ever had (plus they use really fresh veggies on their dishes which makes them my top chinese pick in Lawrence)

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One 23rd Street restaurant closes, another opens, with elaborate dishes including something called an Avocado Bomb

Looks like the new Japanese place is in the old Yeah Sushi! location (which I was heartbroken when they closed). It looks like they'll have similar plating so I wonder if there's a connection between the two.
Also bummed about DonDon. Talk about delicious bowls!

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Lawrence needs volunteers to help make downtown a more flowery place

Might want to update this article to avoid confusion. According to the link planting will be from 8-11am on those days, not starting at 11 as this article states

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Monday evening house fire displaces family; neighbor helps rescue dogs

Thank goodness for that neighbor!

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Signs indicate Freebirds Burrito has closed downtown Lawrence location; new plan emerges for affordable housing near 23rd and O'Connell

Speaking of restaurants closing unexpectedly, any clue what's going on with Chutney's, Chad? I've walked by it several times these last couple weeks and every time it's closed and has a sign saying it's closed indefinitely. If it's gone I'll be extremely sad!

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Lawrence homes sales up 24 percent; selling prices also on the rise

Completely unrelated but any clue what's going on with the old mirth space? I looked in the window the other day and it looks like they tore down a wall and are gutting the whole place.

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Burglar steals jewelry from home while resident sleeps

I wonder if this was the same guy who has been going through my complex and rifling through people's unlocked cars.

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City ends negotiations to purchase Abe & Jake's building next to City Hall

I completely agree. Also in this new format I don't get the daily email when it updates. I've been missing it because its totally fallen of my radar without those emails.

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