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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

How did that escalate to being about guns? Sheesh.

Anyway, we let our dogs off-leash in areas where it's allowed. They like other dogs and are friendly. If your dog gets in a fight it's because your dog sucks.

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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

Sounds like my neighborhood. Responsible dog owners, outside cats. The cat poop doesn't bother me any more than the squirrel poop.

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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

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Flash Mob Bell Ringers

What others see as a sweet, "aw, let's help the homeless with this giving charity" I see as "let's all rally around this hugely anti-gay and anti-atheist company". We do NOT support the Salvation Army.

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Flash Mob Bell Ringers

That phrase has never been more appropriate :)

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