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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

I don't agree with your premise that it's not possible to have mistakes.

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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

Last time I remember a business stick their neck out politically it was the president of Chick Fil A. We all remember where that got the company.....

Commercial leases can and do have a lot of rules that dictate the behavior of the tenant. They can say whatever the two parties want. They are much different than a residential lease.

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Opinion: ‘I am one of the 40 percent’

There's no room for a fiscal conservative in Washington these days. It doesn't do any good to be a social moderate if you run out of money to pay for the programs we have. It is a good letter though. I just think his anger at the GOP is slightly too focused. The Democrats are just as bad and possibly a little it worse.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

I have to wonder what some of you expect of doctors!

All of us are human and make mistakes. I took the wrong exit last night and had to turn around and go back. I've driven that way probably 300 times over the years and just turned east instead of west. This doesn't make me a bad driver or a menace on the road - it makes me human. I do believe that if any of us were to do any task long enough, a pattern of errors would result. Expecting otherwise is setting your self up for disappointment.

The focus here should be on improving "best practices" to the point that human error can be eliminated to the extent possible. Nothing in the article states that the doctor wasn't following any "best practices" or was negligent in his procedure or care.

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Brownback unveils Kansas technical education ad

I'd say that some of you have never tried to hire skilled labor.

Your attitude that a kid with a liberal arts degree is somehow "better" than a kid who is a welder, machinist, carpenter, etc says a lot about you. The fact is that the machinist will likely have a better future than the liberal arts kid. I know quite a few machinists earning well into six figures.

On top of that, they earned money while they were learning and likely started with no student loans.

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Town Talk: City seeks to ban Chinese lanterns; Iwig Dairy store keeping eye open for new location; Zarco 66 owner deep in ethanol debate; electric car charging station for downtown

25% seems extreme. Ethanol has about 70% the BTU content of gasoline, so a blended mix will make most cars off a MPG or two. The real problem is what it does when it sits. Let it sit for six months and it's turned urine color or darker, and it doesn't smell much better either. It's hydrophilic, which means it pulls moisture and water vapor into it. Bring enough into solution and the water will drop out.

Anyone who says it doesn't hurt anything has never had the luxury of having to rebuild the boat carburetor on vacation. This stuff doesn't happen to gasoline.

Cars don't generally have problems because they don't sit long enough. Sucks ffor everything else though.

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Letter: Out of balance

This is a lost cause. This author can't be reached with reason.

For the rest of you:

Who does the farm bill benefit?

Who benefits from the new taxes in kansas?

Who are these "fat cat" business owners?
(I know - it's not kansas. I couldn't find a similar map of kansas)

I'll point out that all the states with budget problems are blue states, but that red and blue politics gave us our national problem with the debt. Letters such as the authors do nothing to help the problem - referring only to things like "progress" without defining what progress is.

My idea of progress is a government that creates stability and the necessary conditions for me to be able to succeed. Our government could be doing a better job of this.

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Middle class


1) $50k/year families barely pay federal income taxes. It's pretty close to zero.
2) 1 mil/year families pay very high tax rates (33% plus AMT). It's a lot higher than 28%, closer to double that.
3) Take away the abilitity to have a higher standard of living and nobody will want to work hard. Why not just keep on working the other job?
4) your math is wrong. 28% of 50k is 14k.

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Would you go to a resort built at Clinton State Park?

I'm not sure how I feel about a resort, but I do wish we had better facilities at Kansas Lakes. Clinton is pretty small to have a lot of stuff, but Perry doesn't even have a decent swimming beach.

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Report: Kansas prison violates inmates' rights

I'm beginning to think that this isn't a republican tactic or a democratic tactic - it must be an american tactic. Our president has been blaming other people for the past four years, and lots of people seem to really believe this stuff.

Yes, I am similarly disgusted by Brownback's statement.

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