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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

I think it's a pretty neat idea. I use Clinton Lake too, but the amenities for the volume of people there are pretty poor. I dislike camping there because there is no place to put the boat, and the best camp sites (Bloomington) are on the opposite side from the marina (state Park). I dislike skiing and tubing there because the lake is always choppy. The marina doesn't have a restaurant so we have to pack a meal. So...we use Clinton for Bloomington beach and short half day trips with the boat. The state park beach stinks, and the lake is getting shallow. I've hit the mud bottom a few times and spun a prop once there. If we have time we drive further to Perry and go there.

Truthfully they ought to drain the lake and take all the sediment out before they do anything else.

Let's face it: Clinton is too small a lake to enjoy like the other big lakes in the area (Perry, Truman, Lake of the Ozarks). It would be better to make it more like Lake Shawnee and have the town surround it with more activities there. There are plenty of water activities for nature lovers around, I love canoeing on the Wakarusa and intend to get on the kaw river sometime. Perry lake is nearby too, and the Douglas county fishing lake.

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Letter: True conservatism?

I have this Theory that most Democrats saw a true liberal they wouldn't Like their policies. Likewise I don't think a Republican would like the policies of most conservatives. The term liberal and conservative has a connotation that is so much different than the actual meaning most people don't what it means anymore. One doesn't have to look back in history very far to see the effects of these policies, but most people don't take the time to learn about this.

I do think a true liberal and a true conservative could find a lot of common ground in the areas of fiscal policy, foreign policy, and even many social justice issues. I myself would vote for a liberal If said liberal were suggesting policies that we can afford to pay for and actually help the poor instead of creating more poverty. I will give you a hint, more welfare, food stamps, and entitlements is not the answer.

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

Wait. Eating is supposed to be as enjoyable as sex? It seems I've been doing one of those two things wrong.

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Organized labor calls current Legislature one of the worst

I agree. How does Brownback's actions have any effect on the death rate?

I would guess that kansas fatality rate is similar to other states. Not trying to defend any of this, but any discussion should start with a decent set of facts.

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Opinion: Benghazi, IRS: Son of Watergate?

What % of the remaining 65% were political groups at all? Many, if not Most non profits are non political, like the humane society or the Salvation Army.

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Organized labor calls current Legislature one of the worst

I wonder if agricultural workers are included in that figure, and how our state compares to other states with similar types of jobs.

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Letter: Gun access

You realize that they aren't allowed to carry weapons there - not at bases at home. The shooting there took 10 minutes and he shot 168 rounds before someone with a weapon stood up to him. All with a handgun, no assault rifle.

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Letter: Gun access

You're really showing your true colors here, tomatogrower.

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Editorial: Rental oversight

All this is doing to do is drive up the cost of housing, unless this is a real problem.

Just once when they come up with new programs like this I'd like them to try to make a case for it being needed.

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

What a crock.... I lived there in 2004 for a semester. I still remember being ripped off by the housing center for $700. I needed that money.

I remember that dorm as being dated but nice. I have some fond memories there. For the life of me I can't think of how some general paint/lighting and maybe new doors would not be enough to make the place look more modern. I also don't understand why they have to raze McCollum when there is a lot of space down by oliver for new res halls.

For those that don't remember, res halls are no big bargain. They close for every holiday so that you have to travel home or find other accomodations, don't serve breakfast on saturday or Sundays, aren't open during the summer, required expensive internet plans, required parking passes, and so on. I found living just off campus to be much cheaper.

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