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City Commission set to decide issue of rental licensing and inspection program

Good landlords will still have to make themselves available in the middle of the day (possibly missing work) to be at these inspections. Plus it appears that the program pushes current building codes which may not be a safety violation to leave (short ceilings)

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Do you sometimes use fuel with ethanol in your vehicle?

Tell me about it. Spent the first day of vacation last year rebuilding a carb due to this. Ethanol is hydrophilic, and draws water into it. Gasoline with ethanol turns yellow as soon as a month after storing due to water in it. The water of course destrys everything.

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MADD notes drop in alcohol-related deaths after passage of ignition interlock law

I am still skeptical that these things make us that much safer, except for repeat offenders.

Fatalities were going way down anyway:

Personally I'd like to see a much higher limit for first time offenders to get the device, like twice the legal limit. All second offenders should know better. I've been saying it for years, but I'd love MADD to show up at bars with a breathalyzer for people to see exactly how drunk is too drunk. Many of us don't know.

*full disclosure - Neither I nor anyone I know well has had a DUI.

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Letter: Flawed rule

My wife was pregnant while attending ku. She had to walk pretty far every day, at least a mile. Pregnancy is not a disability.

She was also disabled for two brief periods and even those accommodations suck.

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

Those of you that the sales tax rates don't matter

. Somebody might not coming and leaving Lawrence driving to Kansas City and buy a sweater, but there's a lot of other people that live in the surrounding areas that can drive to Topeka, Kansas City, Leavenworth, or Ottawa.

I am building a home 10 miles outside Lawrence right now, and you can bet I know what the sales tax rates are at the different stores I shop at.

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City provides more details on rental registration program

Does anyone else see this for what it is: an obvious ploy to shut down older rental inventory and push rates up and more students into the big apartment complexes? These rules really aren't too onerous for a big apartment complex with on site management, but for a landlord with a few rental units who has to take off work to be at these inspections and have property that meets current buildings codes that were not in place when the house was built; this is a big deal!

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Public invited to give input on rental licensing and inspection program

That's not true. I rented from a guy who had a 4br house and couldn't get the rent he wanted from it. We had an office in there - would rather have had another roomate. Poor guy had bought it when he was in school and had to lower the rent way down to get it rented.

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KU geologists drill down for deeper understanding of Ogallala Aquifer

I had a similar thought. A 300' core sample should take a few hours and cost a few grand.

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KU geologists drill down for deeper understanding of Ogallala Aquifer

Normally I'd be on your side, but understanding water sources and aquifers is very important stuff for all of us!

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Editorial: Rising rates

Why is it that "fairness" is being determined as not raising the rates on those with fixed incomes? I see "fairness" as everyone paying the rate that represents the cost to provide that service. For example, rural customers are probably being compensated by urban customers due to lower line losses, lower transformer consumption per kw, and less maintenance per customer on the line.

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