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Who is your favorite TV commercial character?

Ret_Irrev - What channel are you watching????

I like the Sonic Guys. Am still waiting for the DQ shrimp commercial this summer. Where's the kids?!?

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The Next Fest Thing

I thought I was the only one who noticed. I wouldn't remove the article, but would have them remove the "S" word and replace it with "(expletive)".

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Lavender Ceremony to honor gay, bisexual graduates at KU

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Students wait outside McCollum Hall on the Kansas University campus, where officers are investigatin

IMHO, get those students out of there. Bus them to the union or something.

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House in order: Local feng shui practitioners say ancient practice delivers harmonious results

Is Forcade moving to DC to assist the newlyweds in arranging their abode? I'd hate to see this new romance fall apart because of a misplaced coffee table.

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Lower speed limit sought on U.S. Highway 40 area

Quit allowing people to build where their entryway/exits will be in dangerous, low-vision locations and then make traffic slow down for them. That stretch of highway between 6th and the Stull turnoff has already had the speed limit lowered and lights installed at four intersections. I'm sure with all of the housing and shopping being built, they'll have lights at two or three more. Funnel that traffic through the neighborhoods instead of slowing traffic down on the highway.

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Aldrich, Xavier Henry not yet decided on NBA

Good grief...I suppose that's hard hitting journalism making that inquiry, but really, that's a question for later. Let them get through the night after this loss. I can't imagine how gloomy that locker room must have been. Know it's still gloomy in my house.

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Rivalry between Jayhawk, Wildcat fans heating up in Oklahoma City

What hit me in this article is the fact that someone paid for a 10-day European trip on four days worth of tips during a Big XII tournament. I'm at a loss for words.

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Should there be a center turn lane on Iowa Street between Harvard Road and University Drive?

Yes, there should be a turn lane in that area. And also, no left turns onto Iowa from any intersection without a light. Or at least during the rush hours.

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Tough Love: Gritty KU sends Collins out winner

Pass the tissues. That was a wonderful Senior speech, Sherron. Seriously, I'm sitting here wiping tears. Good luck in the final games of the Jayhawk season. Good luck with your NBA career. But more importantly, good luck to you and your family and make your children proud. Rock Chalk, Sherron, Rock Chalk!

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