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Does your employer allow you to access the internet or social media while at work?

Our business has FB and Twitter accounts; database and other applications on the internet. Now that doesn't mean I don't go elsewhere on the I'm doing now. However, it is the lunch hour.

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Are you happy with KU’s decision to find a new football coach to replace Turner Gill?

Wish I'd thought of that. Ha ha ha!

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Heard on the Hill: Emporia newspaper readers tie enrollment drops to tuition hikes; NASCAR looking to expand its presence on college campuses; federal grant to support Kansas City, Kan., art programs

NASCAR is looking for new revenue as their older fan base is leaving in droves. The fans who have been around since the Petty's, Dale Sr., Yarborough, and D. Waltrip have either died, been hit hard with the economy, or become tired of the "chase" system, green-white-checker finishes, the "lucky dog" and rising prices. (I think more are tired of the new system.) Look at the empty seats in the stands on raceday. The younger crowd probably wouldn't know how the champion was crowned pre-Chase, so the change wouldn't make a difference to them. The sponsors need revenue as well. They don't sponsor race teams out of the goodness of their heart. They need someone to be watching the races or the mandatory swig of cola/energy drink before an interview and the hat dance in Victory Lane is for naught. So go after the college-age, known-to-party, group that might become fans and spend a little money at the race track or the store. (I was surprised to see "Watch the race at the Wheel" ads. Huh??? The race?!?)

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Town Talk: Large Lawrence employer sold to General Dynamics defense firm; condo development to be sold by sheriff on Thursday; an odd ending for police and fire negotiations

"Speaking of deals, although presumably less than $960 million, the manager of The Dusty Bookshelf confirmed to me that the company is very interested in starting up a new business venture in the former Penny Annie’s location near Ninth and Massachusetts streets."

...former Penny Annies??? Say it ain't so!

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Statehouse Live: Kansas House budget committee approves proposal to cut state employees' pay by 7.5 percent

Totally agree. I was tickled pink when I finally got a full-time job with the State of Kansas nearly 20 years ago, because to me, that was "the" job to get: security, good pay, KPERS. times have changed. I don't know that I would recommend working for the state any longer unless someone wants fairly decent vacation and sick leave days.

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One-man cleanup effort impresses neighbors

How nice of you, Mr. Welles. Our streets would all look better if each of us had your attitude and gumption. One more suggestion for your good health: Wear gloves or get one of those picker-uppy-thingys. You never know where that trash has been.

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The Oread provides revised plan to city for KU football tailgating events

This hotel is way too big for its britches. They charge for parking or tell guests to park in the street or at the KS Union parking garage (free on weekends...for now) and now they want to close streets or parts of streets for tailgating. Who do they think they are...the Athletics Department?

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Cubicle creativity: Make over your office space for better workflow

Is Mr. Ralston making a comment on the state of The University of Kansas with the Jayhawk placed upside down on the side of the shelf? In distress? Click on the photo above of Chris Ralston and you'll see the Jayhawk more clearly.

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Grandfathers able to have their cake and eat it, too

Great story. It's wonderful these granddad's are getting to spend time with their grandkids and can actually enjoy it. My kid's grandfather (and grandmother) still had kids at home and was working full-time when my kids were little, so they didn't get the "ice cream and cake" like our granddaughter gets.'s priceless.

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Man accused of violent sexual assault on bike path may have been involved in two earlier attacks

God bless those two young men. That was a very brave thing to do and saved a life. Hugs.

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