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Two Asian restaurants, Mexican grill, shoe store set to join Lawrence dining and retail scene

Kief's Music, doing business in Lawrence since 1959, has relocated back to 2429 Iowa Street with Kief's Audio/Video... same as it ever was... where were you?

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — Who's your pick?

Watch the show faithfully, lived in Lawrence since 1968. While I have numerous favorite local eateries, I think The El Matador and Gran-daddys are our best local matches for the shows forum.

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AG: No conflict of interest by Hack or Johnson

in the big picture we all don't really have enough money to be happy, do we? the same limp, mundane fate awaits hack, me, and you. why do idiots like us even care? p.s.- jezus died a really awful, agonizing death for my sins. don't i suck. and justice is just us.

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KU remains perfect, edging Mizzou 76-70 in ugly, foul-marred road contest

hey, we won. ed highwatchtower is an enigma. dolph don't dig lew, lew is big biznass, bigger than dolph. lawrence is sold down the same krap hole as the rest of the country. go korpornation-uber-all-us-a. jeez, what would your jezus do? we, jayhawks , beat misery. good luck with the rest of this mess. even jezass loves misery.

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Police hand out 84 MIPs, several other citations on Saturday

And by the way, football fans, the correct spelling is "ridiculous", as in to ridicule. Jesus did die for your "sinz." burp...

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Police hand out 84 MIPs, several other citations on Saturday

Crybabys. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

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Hotel on the Hill plan gains support

hell, why not. it just gives the ghost of quantrill something new to burn down. think progress, this is the wheel of suffering. this is the way of karma. perhaps it will become a refuge for pigeons. p.s.- i don't advocate arson, only comment on ghostly past. thankyou.

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Boaters startled by new enforcement of noise law

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