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jessiedvs23: I called to make an appointment and unfortunately ...

I dialed this number by mistake, and an hour later got a call back from one of the rudest, cranky business persons I had ever spoken with. Saw two similar reviews on Google as well. Will not recommend.

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

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Statehouse Live: Readjusted population counts will impact legislative redistricting in Lawrence
thanks satan, you win in kansas, thanks samian. thanks wolves in sheeps clothing. thanks pharisees and hypocrites. thanks,
topeka, 666 zipcode.

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Cowley County officials say they weren't consulted before Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's decision to expand Flint Hills protection area

One bit of hope, if Jr. Pope Brownback continues to alienate people of all political affiliations within the state the next four years, his stench may so permeate ill will amongst enough Kansans, that all the Koch money in the world may not buy him the Presidency.

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Planned Parenthood criticizes Kansas budget provision

Hey, I hear the "christians" are getting raptured in little over a week... problem, solved. No more American Taliban to terrorize those left behind. Don't let the door hit you in the rear when you exit. And enjoy the seventy two Virgin Marys.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback wants only Republicans to approve the budget

Can we just change his official title to Jr. Pope Brownback and get it over with.

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Town Talk: Police calls at homeless shelter decline; Lawrence fires cause $1 million in damage in 2010; gun shop to open on 23rd Street; signs of life for Vermont Street BBQ

Police and military personal obviously. The National Conference of Christian Family Values Institute in recent polls also found they are popular with males with smaller than average penises. Who really cares, it's a free country after all. May God Bless all of you thoughtful and generous citizens of our fair and balanced city.

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Gov. Sam Brownback defends decision to close Kansas Neurological Institute

Brownback Christian/Catholic/whatever believes that his higher power will destroy the earth by fire and send anyone who disagrees with it to eternal suffering and damnation. There is no debate, left right liberal conservative. Suffering and judgement are his higher power.
Let's all just shut up, get sick, and die.

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