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Bill DeWitt, of Hays, named assistant principal and athletics director at Lawrence High

DeWitt is a great guy, he will be a strong leader for their athletics program.

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Bills seek to overhaul high school competition

The problem with schools not sponsoring athletics is that low income kids are left out. Club sports can be very expensive. Sure, the star basketball player will be given a free ride because of his/her talent but the kids who are of average talent, but love the sport, are left out if their parents can't afford it.

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Myers Liquor files plan for drive-through lane and new retail space at 23rd and Alabama location

Drive through liquor stores are quite common in Pittsburg. I've always been surprised that Lawrence doesn't have one.

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First Bell: District still accepting applications for consolidation working group; LHS annex awaits plastic wrap; negotiators agree that agreement should be read

What a waste of money, time, paper and ink! If the teacher won't read a digital copy, that's their own problem!

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Donors’ ‘statement’ at Lawrence High School stadium to be ready for fall

While I wish there was a way to encourage donations directly into the classroom, the reality is that athletics is the "front porch" of a school. That's what people read about in the paper and what they come to watch on Friday night. Right or wrong, that's the reality.

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Coordinated effort

Maybe downtown stores should start adding evening hours a few days a week in addition to the later hours Thursday? They could try staying open until 8 or 9 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That's when the restaurant crowd is in full force. When we have family visit we always lament that we can't check out a few of the great local stores when we walk around after dinner.

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Town Talk: Speculation on Trader Joe's, Barnes & Noble and others for Borders; city to discuss environmental regulations, land use plan for area around airport

Last I checked, Leawood (where one of the Trader Joe's will be) is quite affluent. The other location off Ward Parkway is close enough to MO residents with plenty of disposible income. If Trader Joe's works in Lincoln, Des Moines and Omaha it will be fine in Leawood and KC. I think we need another Real Estate contact for accurate reporting.

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Turf war developing between KU, Emporia State over offering classes at JCCC

First - Please tell me which states have only two large universities?? NAIA, D2 and D3 schools are found in every state.

Second - I graduated from both Pittsburg State and KU. The education I received from each university was fine, however I felt more in tune with the students, staff and faculty at PSU due to its size. The arrogance some KU alums display makes me sick. Then they wonder why outsiders think KU is snobby.

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Prediction time: Big 12 football North/South standings

North - I'm not convinced NU and MU are light years ahead of the others, I think the North can be won by teams 1-4... Doubt CU and ISU have improved that much.. We will get a good idea about the Sunflower teams when KSU plays UCLA and KU plays GT.


A & M

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