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Sunflower Bank to merge with Colorado bank, investment firm

No where near too big to fail. This type of thing happens all the time with smaller financial institutions. Case in point the Douglas County Bank merger, small medium sized banks combining forces to try and keep up with the big dogs. This is a good thing.

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GOP Senate candidate Wolf says Republicans shouldn't make friends with Democrats

Agree 100% Terry. The fact that Wolf sees the Democrats as his "adversary" spells nothing but trouble for the political process.

I'm convinced you can't trust a Tea-Party Republican as far as you can throw them.

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Big 12 reaches $2.6B deal with ESPN, Fox Sports

$100 Million per network per year, $200 Million totals ... How many cable/satellite subscribers are there nationally? More than enough to insure that if there are any increases they will be marginal at best.

Assuming that your cable bills are going to spiral out of control because of a new television contract? Sounds like you may have a very skewed sense of reality not the so called "left wingers" ...

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Backers of abortion bill still seek passage

Fact of the matter is our constitution specifically outlines a separation of church and state. Law makers have no more right to dictate what we as Americans and Kansans can or cannot do based on their religious beliefs than you or I ...

And kansanjayhawk do not forget that Tiller was murdered in cold blood inside of a church because a zealot felt he deserved to die ... "Pro-Lifers" are no better than the abortion doctors and clinics that they fire bomb and attack. Fact of the matter is some women have medical conditions that require abortions, you would ask them to potentially kill themselves in the pursuit of righteousness?

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and values and there is nothing I cannot stand more than those who would impose them on others ....

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KU Medical Center in middle of abortion legislative fight

There is talk that if the changes to funding take effect and KUMed no longer can teach abortion practices they would be in danger of losing their accreditation; the only way around it is to send the students to other locations "nearby" that would allow them to learn ...

Seriously Kansas, the whole "evoloution v. creationism" argument already has us as a laughing stock. Please remove head from sphincter then proceed to legislate in a proper way ... I dare say there are probably more pressing issues facing our state as a whole...

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Proposed rec center offers ‘huge’ opportunities

I don't imagine that the KC Metro and Topeka are competing for the same dollars ...

If the project is going to be as vast as the proposal is contending you have to imagine the amount of interest different athletics organizations (private teams, AAU basketball, etc.) will want to utilize the indoor structure, and the relays being hosted there would bring a lot of revenue and attention to the development (Olympic caliber athletes competing regularly at the Relays) ... Not too mention the concessions sales, and yes you could still keep the downtown events of the Relays intact.

Any one who wants to use the space will have to pay to use it ... That $$$ goes toward the upkeep of the site ... I am sure you would see a lot more commerce popping up there as well, more restaurants, etc...

There may be some negatives but I feel the positives grossly outweigh them ...

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KU student arrested on DUI, reckless driving charges after car crashes into residence

He was "arr"rested? Was he dressed in pirate garb?

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Thomas Robinson dominates atypically

T-Rob already stated that he was going to come back for one more year. He had lottery potential last year but wanted another year under Danny to hone his skills a bit more.

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KU football has chance at upset against K-State

All of you really make me sick. Apparently you had not been watching the first half of the game on saturday. The hawks made unbelievable strides against the Sooners, 3 stances within the 5 yard line in which the Hawks held them to a fieldgoal. But hey you're right the Hawks don't have a chance, that kind of defeatist attitude is the problem with you fairweather football fans. You should support our players no matter what the record or how they have played thus far in the year. Get the h*ll out of Lawrence if you aren't going to be a true Jayhawk fan.

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Wichita man petitions state to keep President Obama off Kansas ballot in 2012

What I don't understand about people who are making these accusations is this...

Don't you think that the powers that be, namely Congress, etc would have done enough research to verify that Obama indeed was born a US citizen?

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