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Reader disputes view of Kochs

I left 8 years ago. I still pay attention to see how more F'ed up you've become.........

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Reader disputes view of Kochs

"AFP is an Astroturf front group started David Koch and Richard Fink. As with any other Koch Astroturf organization, AFP opposes labor unions, health care reform, stimulus spending, cap-and-trade legislation (making industries pay for the air pollution they create) and international climate talks."

Those are all great reasons why you should SUPPORT them.............

I hate you hippies in Lawrence more and more every day!

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Sound Off: Is there a place for me to recycle the blue Journal-World newspaper bags?

There are so many things wrong with this question........

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Do you agree with Gov. Sam Brownback that the criticism of the so-called "pink slime" meat product is misinformed?

How is "making" a seller do something free enterprise?

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What’s your favorite kind of pie?

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What do you think of Mizzou joining the SEC?

Couldn't care less.........................

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Anti-tax Missouri billionaire contributing to effort to repeal Kansas state income tax

Do we want Kansas to look like Lawrence?

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