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Which social technographics define you?

I feel like there should be a rung for people who are inactive but still interested. There's a difference between my grandpa who reads about social networking in magazines/hears about it on the news and asks me about it (not quite a spectator, I don't think) and my grandma who thinks social networking is for the birds.

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NU Loss Gets Online Community Going

Is there concern about local businesses dominating these discussions in the future? I like doing a search on that hashtag, for instance, because I am interested in KU football and people talking about the game. Since I don't live in Lawrence, seeing a beer special at, say, Quintons is not relevant to me. How can "we" balance actual conversation and promotions?

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We're Up and Running... If Only We Could Come Up With a Good Name

The Hills 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Hills is a show about social living. The Oread is a Hill. You both like dancing. I think its perfect for your blog.

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Post office lines

vavs0929 (Anonymous) says:hmmm maybe get off your butt and mail things during the week instead of waiting till the last minute before a holiday-its not like the mail is going anywhere after saturday-just gonna sit in another post office or on a truck till Tuesday.----------------------------------------------------------------------yeah....see, SOME PEOPLE have jobs during the week and the only day they can get to the post office is saturday. sorry if you can't relate.

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Teen driver cited in crash with two buses

they're back?? this was a high school student....

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Police outline events of killing

igby (Anonymous) says:Did I understand that the 18 and 19 year old son and daughter, traveled back to NJ with him?Would this not make them suspect in the crime and flight as well?---------------------------------------------------------they were not aware of what had happened.

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KU student in coma after accident while studying abroad

i'm glad her parents can be there with her. hopefully she comes out of this okay.

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Suspect in killing commits suicide

sorry there is an unfinished sentence floating in that last comment but i think i got my point across.

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Suspect in killing commits suicide

notjustastudent, your comments on jana and her relationship with fito/why she broke up with fito are inaccurate. furthermore, there are friends of jana's who are very relieved that this is over. they don't have to be subjected to a trial. they don't have to view photos of the crime scene. they don't have to live with the possibility that he might have gotten off. they don't have to live with there is an end now, there is closure. the family/friends are learning more and more about what happened. it doesn't take an insider to know that ljworld doesn't know everything that the police/family knows.

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